7 thoughts on “France, Britain, Columbia, Bosnia to Abstain on Palestinian Statehood Vote – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. In this post, you write:

    “Until now, the U.S. seemed assured of getting the No votes of its traditional allies on the Council, France, German and Britain”

    I am curious to know where you got this idea from.

    Every article that I’ve read over the past few months on this subject has indicated that the UK and France were going to abstain.

    For instance, an excerpt from a BBC article from September 24th of this year:

    “The UK and France would almost certainly abstain because they cannot endorse UN membership of a state they have not recognised bilaterally.”


    1. France voted against UNESCO membership & Sarkozy considers himself a friend of the U.S. UK & France are among the U.S.’ closest allies in the world (especially UK). At any rate, I continue to assert that 3 No votes on UNSC is beyond pathetic.

      1. France voted in favor of UNESCO membership, not against it.

        Where are you getting your information from?

        Personally, I think any “no” vote would be pathetic. Even the US would prefer to abstain. If a veto is not needed, it could very well do that.

  2. The thing is, abstain means ‘No’.
    In order for the vote to pass, you need enough ‘Yes’ votes.
    Any ‘No’ or ‘Abstain’ means the you don’t have a ‘Yes’ vote.
    Those are the only votes counted.

  3. The abstentions you predict will, you say, leave 8 YES votes, presumably cast before the representative of the USA must “decide” how to vote. I suppose if there had been fewer than 8 YES votes, the USA could plan to abstain. However, with 8 YES, USA must vote NO (if it will satisfy its Israeli masters) and must do so ALONE. (Lucky America entered the UN as “USA” and not as “America”, in which case we’d have to cast our vote early rather than late, and before other states had tipped their hands absolutely.)

    USA will block Palestine in UNSC, yet once again, and again without a shred of reason other than the corruption endemic in the USA’s system of (oligarchic control of) elections.

    Oh, the audacity of the PA’s move! And Oh, the audacity of Obama in sliding on his belly under the lashing of AIPAC. Another day to live in infamy for America.

  4. AMENDING PREVIOUS. Darn! I forgot the USA could abstain as a way of voting NO. But the world will understand it as a NO (as it will also understand all the other abstentions).

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