6 thoughts on “Israeli Ministers Attack Dagan for Going Public Against Iran Attack – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. The irony of the situation appears to be completely lost on the Israeli public.

    Ask any Israeli who started the Six Day War and you will get the rote reply: The Arabs started it!

    Point out to them that it was actually the IDF that launched the initial surprise attack and they won’t even draw breath before answering: Egypt was asking for it, and so Egypt got it, but that still means 1967 was a “defensive war”.

    Fast forward to today, and what do we see?

    Answer: Israelis prancing around and furiously rattling sabres at Iran, while the IDF prepares itself to attack.

    Heck, point out to the Israelis that Egypt got a Right Royal Wholloping in 1967 for doing much less than that and your typical Israeli warmonger won’t even begin to understand the point.

    Apparently there isn’t a Hebrew word for “irony”.

  2. “The public elected a government to make decisions about things like this in secret. The public’s right to know does not include the debate about classified matters like this”

    The public has no right to know (let alone influence) a decision that could mean Armageddon? Does the word “Chutzpah” come to mind anyone?

    1. Quite how Dagan standing up and saying:
      Attacking Iran is the stooooopidest idea I Have Ever Heard
      is in any way letting “a secret” out of the bag is beyond me.

      After all, Dagan **isn’t** sitting in on cabinet discussions any more, and therefore he **isn’t** privy to any secret cabinet-level discussions.

      And if he isn’t privy to them then he can’t be “leaking” them, can he?

    2. There was an interesting interview this morning on Galei Tzahal (IDF radio) this morning with Dalia Dorner (ex High Court judge and now chairperson of the Israeli Journalists Council “Moetzet Ha’itonut”).

      She states that the debate as to whether there should be public discussion concerning a possible attack on Iran is not understandable. She says that if there was a possible compromise of Israeli attack strategy by the media stories like Dagan’s statement, the she has no doubt that the Israeli censor would have banned the story as she admitted it has done many times in the past concerning various security issues. She also is sure the story did not “by-pass” the censor but was positively permitted. She is therefore convinced that the political “outcry” is pure lipservice (my conclusion).

      1. But now this (hebrew)


        The shabak will investigate the “leaks” by Dagan and Diskin according to al-Jazira

        So who’s telling the truth? Did the censor see it? Is the censor in Dagan’s pocket and against Bibi?

        Interesting times…

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