6 thoughts on “Israeli Peace Activists Appeal to Supreme Court for Right to Return to Anatot – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I saw the Palestinian fall backwards off a rock and crack his skull. Where in the video do you see a settler inflict the injury? Please post

    1. And you’re claiming his skull fracture was his own fault? And the sexual assault against Sinai Stafir as well? And Assaf Sharon broke his own nose? And the settler with the knife was attempting to stab himself? And the other broken bones & ribs as well were self-inflicted? And the personal property, cameras, etc. that were stolen really walked off under their own accord? And the police refusing to investigate, charge or prosecute are really doing so to protect the protesters? What a wonderful world you live in…

      1. I saw the Palestinian fall or get shoved off a rock. I saw a pic of a young activist women, in hospital, holding a bloody schmatah that obviously didn’t belong to her.

        1. You’re truly an odious individual. I’m only too happy to remove you from our midst. The next time you are beaten up or your daughter is sexually assaulted I hope someone behaves as bestially toward you as you have toward the Anatot victims.

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