33 thoughts on “IDF Provokes New Wave of Violence in Gaza to Coincide With National Social Justice Protest – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. So the Grad rocket that hit Ashdod on Thursday, the first rocket attack from Gaza since the prisoner exchange, that was also part of the plan to derail #J14?

    1. C’mon pea.

      The ever duplicitous Mossad has their provocateurs in Gaza who launch rockets at Israel.

      Conspiracy theory. The darling of impotent fools.

        1. Translation for those on whom sarcasm is lost:

          The gazans fired first on Thursday, the Israeli bombing was retaliation and nothing to do with j14

          1. Translation minus hasbara: The Gazans fired into an empty field on Thurs. Israel murdered them & all their colleagues on Saturday. Their buddies killed an Israeli in retaliation later the same day & Israel killed even more for good measure.

          2. The fact that the first missile from Gaza hit a field is pure chance, as was the murder of a civilian by a later missile, the missiles are fired in the general direction and then it depends whether Allah or Yahweh is more awake to answer prayers.

            In any case nothing to do with j14, just the regular I-P conflict

          3. The fact that 99.5% of rockets from Gaza hit open fields & do little or no damage is not pure chance. It’s given since it’s something launching a slingshot into the air. The murder of the civilian was of course close to pure chance since about 1 in 999 of the missiles hit open fields. Praying to God or Allah that yr missile hits someone isn’t much better than pure chance. The original missile which hit the open field had nothing to do with J14, but the liquidation of the Islamic Jihad leader & his cell was a very convenient way to divert attention & suppress attendance at J14. The Beersheva rally was cancelled entirely.

          4. The terrorists who were killed were preparing to launch another rocket into Israel and were taken out. Richard believes that since the rocket fire isn’t accurate, Israel shouldn’t act to defend its citizens, but rather sit there and pray that the rockets don’t hit anyone.

            The thought that the army is somehow involved in the liquidation of the protests is pure fantasy.

          5. Nope. They were killed by IDF admission in a training ground. Not ready to launch another rocket. But regardless, the IDF knew that killing these guys would bring retaliation & that’s what happened. Hence, Israel provoked the current round of mayhem.

            As for fantasy, the notion that the IDF undertakes missions with no correlation to politics and with no other purpose than a military one is disproven time & again by the IDF’s operational history.

          6. Using the same logic – Islamic Jihad knew that firing that rocket against Ashdod would result in a response – hence they they started this round of violence.

            But regardless of this. What do you suggest Israel do against these attacks? When Islamic Jihad fires missiles at Israeli towns – what should Israel do to defend its civilians against such attacks?

          7. It should agree to return to 67 borders, share Jerusalem, negotiate a mutually acceptable resolution of the Right of Return question & solve the conflict. The easiest way to end all Palestinian attacks on Israel.

          8. I’ll play along, assuming that such an agreement will automatically bring an end to all hostilities and will neutralize radical elements in the Palestinian society such as Hamas and Islamic Jihad –

            Do you think that as long as peace does not exist – Israel should stand back and allow its cities be targeted by rockets? Should it not respond to terror attacks such as the the Fogel family massacre, or attempted suicide bombings or rocket attacks?
            In your opinion, when Islamic Jihad or Hamas fire rockets into Israeli towns – what should be the *immediate* response to such attacks, if any?

          9. I don’t concede that peace could not exist next week or next month–and that it should. So asking me what I would do if Israel continued to refuse to make peace & the rockets continued to fall is a non-starter.

            You haven’t asked me this but, if Israel & Palestine signed a peace treaty and Palestinian militants continued attacking Israel I’d be in favor of severe punishment for such acts either meted out by Israel or the Palestinians themselves. The same would hold true of Israeli acts of violence against Palestinians in those circumstances.

          10. Unfortunately, I don’t share your optimism that peace can be reached with weeks. Also, using violence against civilians to “force” peace upon the other side will not help bring a mutual trust between the sides. Also, peace with the PLO will not bring peace with Hamas or Islamic Jihad. Those two are considered terrorist organizations which will not agree to a compromise. So even if we do attain peace with Abu-Mazen, hostilities with Hamas will continue – because their ideology is based on the rejection of any Jewish right to exist peacefully in the region.

            Also, even without peace, don’t you think Israeli civilians, just like Palestinians, are entitled to live securely, without being threatened with rocket fire or bombings? Or do you believe that as long as there’s no “justice” in the region, Israeli civilians should suffer?

        1. “The murder of the civilian was of course close to pure chance”

          Sounds very much like collateral damage… a charge you always refuse to accept when its Israel that does the shooting.

          1. Palestinian militants try to kill and largely fail. The IDF doesn’t try to kill. It kill and does so largely accurately and devastatingly. The IDF is far more dangerous than Islamic Jihad.

        2. Richard. You walk one hundred paces out in a field, and I’m going to keep firing my pistol at you all day. How many minutes/seconds before you call the game off?

          1. Well, I don’t think that by saying “Richard. You walk one hundred paces out in a field, and I’m going to keep firing my pistol at you all day. How many minutes/seconds before you call the game off?” Joel hint at doing any physical harm to you. He just tried (probably not good enough) to explain how Southern area Israeli citizen lives regulary. It was connected to you outragous comment “Translation minus hasbara: The Gazans fired into an empty field on Thurs. Israel murdered them & all their colleagues on Saturday. Their buddies killed an Israeli in retaliation later the same day & Israel killed even more for good measure.” so maybe banning him was hasty action.

            I understand from your above-mentioned comment that it’s alright for Israeli children to live under these circumstances (if the rocket was fallen in empty field it’s ok). Well, It’s not!!
            And I think you should call those so-called “militants” by their real names – Terrorists who intended to shoot rockets into Israeli cities. Maybe the Israeli army should listen to your self-righteous comments and let the Israeli children and citizens to live like that and not attack them. I don’t think so.

  2. The people firing the rockets from Gaza are also against the J14 demonstrations – or anything Tahrir-like. The last thing they want is peaceful democracy. They, like Netanyahu’s government, want a world of black and white where problems are solved by fighting “the enemy”…

    1. Militants firing rockets fr Gaza don’t give a crap about J14. They’re not for it or against it. They’re for Palestinian rights & against Occupation.Islamic Jihad is far less dangerous than Bibi Netanyahu.

      1. “Islamic Jihad is far less dangerous than Bibi Netanyahu.” – You’ve lost it, my friend. You’re making a mockery of yourself.

        1. Silverstein. Philip Weiss. Max Blumenthal.

          None of these guys knows what it means to get up every day and grind out a living.
          None of them live with the prospects of losing a job and being unable to provide for their families.
          None have had to stand alone and make weighty command decisions that substantially effect, or deny, people’s lives.

          They appear to me as insecure, self-absorbed and adolescent.

          Men, in name only, who’ve never stared into the abyss.

      2. Publication of the Islamic Jihad: “we sieged Israel’s cities by our rockets. More than 1 million Israelis hide in the shelters like rats.” Yep, you right. It’s all about rights and occupation.

          1. I wish you weren’t so naive. What is the occupation – 48 or 67 lines? one way or another the goals of the Islamic Jihad is not to end the so-called occupation… you should read their and Hamas’ charter.

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