8 thoughts on “Aish Kodesh Settlers Brutally Attacked Peace Activists, Now Accuse Them of Inciting Serial Jewish Murder – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. These crimes go unpunished by the state, since they are silently supported by it’s goverment. Just as in the early 20’s century in Russia, where the so called “popular” pogroms against the jews were actually funded and supported by the Czar, and just like the KKK was actually the military front of the democratic party( although it allegedly condemned it’s actions), so does Israel’s regime support these violent actions.

    Day after day after day, in Anatot, in Yitzhar, and today in Ash Kodesh, we see this jewish terorrism, and nobody does nothing. If something of a sort was done by one palastinian, be sure that he was executed without trial, what will be called later a “targeted clearance” (sikul memukad).

    Yeshaiyahu Leibowich had prediced this long ago, and, in his well known lack of shame, fear and tact, said a civil war is inevitable. I used to think he exaggerates, I guess I was wrong. When the regime starts to have it’s private armed militia, the laws become those of the wild west, and 60 years old people, along with small children, are brutally beaten and murdred, what else is left of what used to be a democracy?


  2. It’s a trait of that kind of sociopathology, this uncanny ability to turn the world upside down. Largely in the name of G-d, I believe.

    It’s a damning conclusion that an endless string of Israeli governments, the next one usually more to the right than the previous one, have allowed, nay encouraged, such situations to become an ever increasing, almost daily occurrence. Surely this must create a better Israel?

    Who can still honestly believe that Israel doesn’t have ‘plans’ for the entire WB, when such behaviour is tolerated?

  3. @RichardSilverstein,
    we are past the time when it is sufficient to whine and whine and whine and call these jewish terrorists “judeonazis”. Silverstein, i don’t trust our blog any more. it reminds me of lenin saying “when the resistance is here, we will be leading it.” Why don’t you show some guts, get off the fence, denounce zionism and start talking about the plague the zionist terrorist state israel wrought on humanity and the middle east? Why don’t you start talking about “The PALOCAUST” the Palestinian Holocaust?

    REMEMBER …, …, …

    The Eradication of 6000 Palestinian Villages
    The Dispersion and Elimination of their Inhabitants

    until then, i cannot trust your repeated-as-a-broken-record whining. Get Off The Fence! It Doesn’t Work Anymore.

    1. i don’t trust our blog any more

      Did you all of a sudden become my blog partner & you don’t even trust “our” blog? Does that make you a self-hating blogger??

      You’ve violated about 6 major comment rules. Future comments will be moderated if you publish any.

      1. @Richard,

        i apologize for the misprint. this is definitely your blog and yours alone. what i meant and should have been clear enough from the overall context of my message is that “i don’t trust your blog anymore,” i.e., the “y” in the word “your” was inadvertently omitted in the typing.

        please don’t prove me correct by completely evading the core issues that i raised, by being overly superficial and glib in your answer and by insulting me and calling me a “self-hating blogger”: is a “self-hating blogger” perhaps somewhat like a “self-hating semite?”

        you also level accusations that you do not support: let everybody on your blog know specifically which “6 major comment rules” you accuse me of violating.

        and being on the subject: why not publish your blog’s comment rules in-toto instead of making them up as you go.

        if you don’t show respect, you are not owed respect. this is the second time that you insult me on your blog. don’t make it a habit @Richard. f you want to moderate me or ban me, at least be brave and don’t do it in secret.

        1. The comment rules are clearly linked in the blog sidebar. I took quite some time devising them & certainly don’t make them up as I go along. The term “self hating blogger” was meant as a joke which you somehow missed.

          1. @RichardSilverstein,

            your comment “gag” rules stifle honest discussion. you don’t even notice when you yourself don’t follow your own rules.

            you write “These Judeonazis are a poison in the Israeli body politic.” whom you call “judeonazis” would have been better called by what the speaker of the israeli knesset called them: “jewish terrorists”. or is this perhaps against your comment rules to speak of “jewish terrorism”? why not then ban Reuven Rivlin too?

            quote follows:

            Reuven Rivlin, speaker of the Israeli Knesset, or parliament, and a longtime member of Netanyahu’s Likud party, had planned to address the price-tag attacks in a speech Wednesday in Rabin’s memory. Tuesday’s events prompted him to release his comments to the media in advance.

            “This is not a ‘price’ or a ‘tag,’ this is terror,” he wrote. “These villainous criminals who harmed houses of prayer, fields, homes and property belonging to Palestinians, are Jewish, and this is Jewish terrorism that should be called nothing less.


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