4 thoughts on “UN Security Council to Vote November 11th on Palestinian Statehood – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Perhaps you should have said, what bribe Bibi or the USA (no slouch at bribery and pressure) might apply to Bosnia.

    Too bad the date is 11/11 (nice as that date is). Because 11/15 would be the anniversary of the 1988 PLO declaration of statehood and, I guess, recognition of UNGA-181.

  2. I’m not sure I understand. If taking bribes for votes is ok with everyone — Israel and the US do it all the time — then why not just create a market in UN votes, all above board so to speak. Bulgaria would frankly auction off its UN vote on a big board, the board would report the offer and offeree and the deal would close at the discretion of the “seller”. If these people have no dignity, which is apparent, they should be happy with this efficiency.

    Israel continues its undermining of the UN.

  3. Make the world a safer place by burning a legitimate whistleblower trying to spread word that Israel was engaged in counter intelligence operations against America? You’re pathetic.

  4. I dont understand how you and Reuters seem to know about this “vote” and the UN seems to be oblivious to it? Unless your refering to the POSSIBLE vote to remit a REPORT to the GENERAL ASSEMBLY concerning the subject, not sure how you top quality reporters can turn that into a vote for statehood. Hmmm. I have friends who are telling me the vote will be the 11th of November! Really? Funny cause the UNSC Website, and the regular UN website are oblivious to the event. Seems to me a whole lot of smoke being blown into dark places just to create sensational headline! Woooo Hoooo! LOL Good luck with that.

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