9 thoughts on “Fox-Werrity UK Scandal Exposes Meeting With Mossad Chief and New Wealthy Pro-Israel Donor – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Just a minor point of correction: the ‘government investigation’ into the Werrity/Fox relationship claimed that Fox did not gain financially from the relationship. There is an ongoing police enquiry as to whether Werrity gained financially from misrepresenting his relationship with Fox, thereby committing fraud. I have only recently discovered this blog, and how refreshing it is to find a liberal, independent viewpoint on the Israel/Palestinian conflict. Keep up the good work.

  2. “The Daily Telegraph can disclose that Mr Werritty and Dr Fox had a private meeting with the head of Mossad, Israel’s secret service. The meeting may undermine the former defence secretary’s assurances that national security was not jeopardised.” QUESTION: if Mr. Werritty is suspected of having un-allowed contacts outside government, of sharing UK-government-secrets with people who UK thinks should not enjoy such sharing, WHO IS TO SAY that Minister Fox might not have done THE SAME? I mean to ask, where, precisely, does the vast importance of Mr. Werritty’s presence come from? (And don’t US officials leak secrets, too?)

  3. Justin Raimondo explains how this is also a homosexual scandal. (I thought, reading the Financial Times articles in recent days, that they were curiously stressing the closeness of the relationship between Fox and Werrity.)

    1. It was the first thing I thought of when I read about how chummy they were. But I’ve seen nothing that confirmed that. Raimondo’s claims are based on innuendo not evidence, or certainly not much evidence.

  4. “It’s why it has assassinated nuclear scientists and possibly been involved in massive sabotage at Iranian missile facilities and other acts of state sponsored terror.”

    And don’t forget about sabotage via Stuxnet the weapon of the future. Stuxnet is breeding by the way.:


    Is there a more effective espionage, disrupt and control weapon than this? The temptation to use it against other countries was naturally just too irresistible.

    Absolute corruption. How does one fight this?

  5. Thought you might find the comments regarding “Son of Stuxnet” on this link interesting (albeit it’s indirect connection to the topic). Here’s a sample:

    “Within 30 minutes of the CEO of opening a malicious phishing email [in a DHS training drill]…hackers had pillaged company documents, snuck in to IP-based surveillance cameras and…had taken control and maliciously overrode safety features…in order to turn valves, start pumps and cause a toxic chemical spill. In…the hands of skilled hackers, industrial destruction really is as easy as point, click, destroy.”


    Evil unleashed on the world. This is like the nuke genie. Thank you Israel and God help you. (Forgive my justified snarky contempt.)

  6. See:

    “Self styled” is putting it rather politely. This man has endangered the lives of real people by pretending that he was coordinating “resistance” groups, thus ensuring that almost anyone he met in Tehran will come under suspicion from a regime not at all shy of hanging people.

    MoD civil servants and senior military officers wanted Werrity stopped/sacked/drowned almost from Fox’s appointment as Defence Secretary, Cameron and Steve Hilton blocked any action, then demanded “detailed reports” when all the things they were warned of duly happened.

    Werrity is still being kept at a safe house by Tory Party supporters, to keep him out of the hands of the press, and the legality of this is more than questionable. In the absence, so far, of criminal charges, the public is entitled to confirmation that Mr Werrrity consents to be wherever he is, under control of whoever’s stopping him speaking to anyone.

    I wouldn’t get distracted by gossip about sexuality if I were you: the party would prefer almost any sex scandal to a detailed and sober article about what Werrity has actually done: fraud and putting lives in danger. The business cards do not merely state that Werrity was Dr Fox’s advisor when, officially, he wasn’t: they have Parliament’s Royal Badge on.

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