18 thoughts on “Iranian Terror Mastermind Likely Wanted Drug Deal, Not Murder – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. RE: “But Obama? Why? Why does he need to do this? What does he gain by this even if half of the charges are true (which I’m convinced they’re not)?” ~ R.S.

    MY COMMENT: It will probably do wonders with certain big-time, deep-pocketed bundlers.


    (excerpts)…[Haim] Saban, in a 2004 New York Times interview,[3] ascribed his interest in politics to his concern for Israel: “I’m a one-issue guy and my issue is Israel.”[3] In pursuit of his concerns, Saban was described in 2004 as “throwing his weight and money around Washington and, increasingly, the world, trying to influence all things Israeli.”[3]…
    Q – You meet frequently and quite intimately with Israeli and American decision-makers. What do you tell than about the situation regarding Iran?
    A – “The Iranians are serious. They mean business. [Mahmoud] Ahmadinejad is not a madman. [….] When I see Ahmadinejad, I see Hitler. They speak the same language. His motivation is also clear: the return of the Mahdi is a supreme goal. And for a religious person of deep self-persuasion, that supreme goal is worth the liquidation of five and a half million Jews. We cannot allow ourselves that. Nuclear weapons in the hands of a religious leadership that is convinced that the annihilation of Israel will bring about the emergence of a new Muslim caliphate? Israel cannot allow that. This is no game. It’s truly an existential danger.”[2]…
    …Saban has been a generous and consistent donor to the United States Democratic Party according to his mandatory Federal Election Commission filings…

    SOURCE – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haim_Saban

  2. Dickerson, you’re not wrong, but you’re focused on some kind of Jewish financial cabal which hates Ahmadinejad and will cross with silver the palm of whoever will do its bidding. Yes, there are wealthy Jewish donors who fit this description. But there are tens of millions of voters who can be swung into the D column if they’ll act like warmongers. Or so the theory goes. Worked great for Dubya, whose numbers were tanking until 9/11 and he got to do the Washington chest-thump. (Ironically, after probably the biggest foreign policy disaster of his presidency. Until he invaded Iraq.)

    1. Haim Saban is not part of some “Jewish financial cabal” & that’s not at all what he was saying. He was talking about a specific pro Israel fatcat who throws his money & political weight around.

    2. RE: “…you’re focused on some kind of Jewish financial cabal which hates Ahmadinejad…But there are tens of millions of voters who can be swung into the D column if they’ll act like warmongers.” ~ Evan

      MY COMMENT: Thank you for sharing your concerns about my “focus”.
      By “tens of millions of voters who can be swung into the D column” I assume you are referring to what we commonly referred to as ‘swing voters’ back when I was (regrettably) heavily involved in politics. And I can assure you that certain wealthy right-wingers have also spent a lot of money convincing those very same ‘swing voters’ that Iran is an “existential threat”. For instance – https://www.richardsilverstein.com/2010/11/17/how-barre-seid-can-deny-funding-obsession-and-still-do-so-anyway/
      So, I am well aware that politicians chase after the “voting block” referred to as ‘swing voters’. Unfortunately, I am unable to submit a comprehensive treatise every time I post a comment.
      I hope this allays you concerns over my “focus”.
      “Money is the mother’s milk of politics.” ~ Jesse “Big Daddy” Unruh, Speaker of the California Assembly from 1961 to 1968

      P.S. Perhaps not entirely coincidentally, the Wikipedia article on Haim Saban has been “sanitized”. Also, the lengthy interview with Saban in Haratz (wherein he equates Ahmadinejad with Hitler, and waxes hysterical regarding the Califate conspiracy) seems to have been mysteriously “disappeared”. But you can still find everything here. – http://www.thefullwiki.org/Haim_Saban
      ALSO SEE – http://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2007/06/haim-saban/40714/


      …Saban has been a generous and consistent donor to the United States Democratic Party according to his mandatory Federal Election Commission filings…
      …During the 2000 presidential election, Saban increased his rank to 5th among individual donors with a combined contribution of $1,250,500.[14] Matthew Yglesias wrote that “Saban was the largest overall contributor to the Democratic National Committee during the 2001–2002 cycle” and related the support from Saban to the fact that “the party leadership was backing the Iraq War and Terry McAuliffe was DNC chair.”[15] Saban’s donations during that 2001–2002 period exceeded $10 million, the largest donation the DNC has received from a single source up to that time

      P.P.P.S. FROM WIKIPEDIA: “…Saban contributed between $5 million to $10 million to the William J. Clinton Foundation.[19]…”

      1. RE: “I hope this allays you concerns over my ‘focus’.” – me, a priori

        MY COMMENT: I apologize if I focused too much on Evan’s use of the word “focus”.

        1. Mr. Dickerson, you are indeed well-focused. Maybe even a bit obsessed.
          As for money and politics, you’re kind of kicking in an open door. None of what you say would I dispute. But a politician has to play to the zeitgeist. I was merely indicating that you have to consider the role of good old fashioned demagoguery, getting the people to rally ’round the flag.
          American politics is not determined by which Jewish banker gives money to whom.

  3. This is their out? They’re going to twist it into tale about the IRG controlling the Opium trade when the world knows the US has spent untold amounts of money making sure marines are controlling 92% of the world’s heroine trade in Afghanistan? You know how you see pictures of Marines in poppy fields? Now show me a picture of even a working Taliban pickup truck. We’re led to believe that the Taliban ship this stuff around the world.

    Putin knows different. He knows that America used the control of the opium to flood Russia with heroine over the last decade as a means of snuffing out a fallen giant. 1 out of 3 Russian youth today have at least tried heroine.

    In fact, one of the reasons the Shah was booted out by the Carter administration was because their suddenly nationalistic puppet wasn’t following orders on the opium trade.

    So, perhaps he was making a drug deal. But, I really don’t think the IRG has control of enough opium fields to even engage in such a trade.

    I remind you also that the IRG is oil rich and doesn’t need drug money to fund “black ops” as one may necessitate in the American political system where Congress is needed for large amounts of money.

    1. “one of the reasons the Shah was booted out by the Carter administration was because their suddenly nationalistic puppet wasn’t following orders on the opium trade.”
      Source? I mean, besides the LaRouche “Hostage to Khomeini”
      I thought the Shah was booted out because the Iranian people were fed up with his corruption and brutality.

  4. Drug deal looks right. Obama and Holder were fooled (or fooling) and should drop it. OTOH, a new THREAT OF WAR and verbal bellicosities may do wonders for a flagging presidential campaign, and may ALSO be indistinguishable from whatever the republican candidate(s) is/are saying, so no loss being LIKE them and possibly much loss opposing them.

    (No-one in USA’s government cares about the costs of war, or any other disadvantages arising from a new wholly-unmotivated war). see 123pab.com/blog/2011/10/Pay-as-you-go-wars

  5. Arbabsiar has obviously been watching too much ‘Breaking Bad’ and was probably just trying another iteration of a get rich quick scheme

    Neocons and Israel will do all they can to spin it into World War III

  6. Excellent article Porter’s. I found myself comparing this evidence based journalism with another article of the same day: “Some U.S. officials question response to Iran plot” (Reuters). It makes an anemic attempt to question the plot by citing U.S. officials expressing doubts but the article all too often cites the White House position without skepticism and ends by entertaining all sorts of bizarre theories as to how this all is some convoluted Iranian plot.

    Porter’s article looks at and analyzes evidence. The Reuters article quotes people and speculates. What a difference!

  7. MY COMMENT: I wonder if the following article is correct.

    ARTICLE: The Alleged Iran Saudi Envoy Assassination Plot: Mossad at Work, By
    Ismail Salami, Global Research, Oct 17 2011

    (excerpts) Despite its evidently make-believe facade, the cooked-up story of the Saudi envoy assassination plot does not seem to be something which can be easily banished from the minds of the US powers that be…
    there has recently emerged an interesting piece of information about a second person held on suspicion of involvement in the alleged plot. The information reveals a man named Gholam Hussein Shakouri who is closely connected with the fabricated prime suspect. Shakouri, who is a cousin of Mansour Arbaseir, is reportedly a member of the MKO, a notorious terrorist organization now based at the Ashraf camp in Iraq and strongly supported by the US government although the organization has been widely designated as a terrorist organization. The loosely-structured assassination plot is part of an extensive espionage and sabotage network supported and co-funded by the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad and CIA. The marriage of the pernicious intelligence agencies e.g. Mossad, CIA and MI6 in trying to sabotage and cripple the Islamic government indicates a diligently wrought out plan over many years and one which has been heavily funded. In the final analysis, what seemed at first to be a simplistic effort by the US to corner Iran into political isolation has begun to branch out into ramifications of Kafkaesque proportions…

    SOURCE – http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=27126

    1. Hard to know. The NYT is also reporting this story. But the Global Research story doesn’t even manage to get Shakuri detention status right. He’s not “held” by anyone. He’s free inside Iran as far as we know. Unless he’s somewhere else in the world. But he ain’t in an American prison that’s for sure.

      1. Global Research is not a serious source. It traffics in all sorts of ridiculous conspiracy theories. But it does not mean that the story is false. Here is how the Gray Lady reports it:
        Two things should be noted here:
        1) The story so far is single-sourced, this source being one which spreads lies about its enemies in a way which would make Pravda blush.
        2) Gholam-Hosein Shakuri was a senior member of the Revolutionary Guards, the elite military wing of the Islamic Republic. That such a character was a member of the PMOI, a fanatically anti-regime cult, and that this should just now (what a coincidence!) be discovered should make us doubt the story.
        3) The Islamic Republic routinely labels its enemies as members of the PMOI cult, more or less the way Stalinists labeled their enemies agents of Hitler and the Mikado or the Wall Street plutocrats or Trotskyite splitters and wreckers.
        3) On the other hand, the Islamic Republic is citing an international agency like Interpol. Although Interpol has yet to respond, it would be quite a bluff for the Islamic Republic to pull if they knew they were lying.

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