4 thoughts on “Parsi on U.S.-Iran Relations: ‘We Are On the Precipice of Major War’ – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I’ve got a feeling future historians will call the US conflicts from 2001 onward “The Idiot Wars”, “Waster Wars”, or “The Wars of the American Implosion.”

  2. There are two parties wanting a war: the Israeli warhawks and the IRGC. Just like 1914 where the Austrian General Staff and most of the Serbs were itching to fight. Also like 1914, the US would be assessing that its military edge is a wasting asset that will weaken with time, which was the German General Staff’s assessment of Germany’s strategic position as of Sarajevo. The tinder and kindling have been stacked. Let’s hope there are no sparks or carelessly tossed on purpose cigarette butts.

    1. What military edge does the U.S. presently have against Iran? Sure, we can bomb them, but where will that get us? We certainly can’t invade them, at least as long as there’s no draft.

  3. We in USA must demand that the USA pay for current and future wars out of current taxes, without borrowing. Let the rich decide if they want to be taxed for another unnecessary war. AS LONG AS IT SEEMS FREE, THEY ALL LOVE NEW WARS.

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