8 thoughts on “Second Mosque Arson Suspect Identified Here, Haaretz’s Melman Says Shin Bet Can’t Solve Jewish Terror Crimes Because Doesn’t Want to – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. A couple of comments:

    Melman’s use of the word “terror” is interesting – usually terror involves personal violence (from stone throwing to murder), but not damage to property. Whilst burning mosques or damaging synagogues is vandalism and shocking, I think terrorism ought to be reserved for the more serious side of violence.
    If writing slogans on walls is to be called terrorism then there is hardly a Palestinian youth who is not a terrorist.

    I disagree that the shabak doesn’t want to catch the perpertrators. From my experience they have genuine objective difficulties in view of the fact that many Jewish suspects not only know how to stand up to investigations, but unlike the Palestinians, they also know the methods of intel gathering which would otherwise enable the shabak to apprehend suspects before the act (as is the case with a high percentage of Palestinian arrests).
    Moreover, shabak methods of “encouragement” to help them recruit are less effective on the Jewish population (especially non granting of permits for countless everyday needs, not relevant to Jews)

    1. So that means that the burning of synagogues in 1930s German was not terror? C’mon, you can see how ridiculous yr claim is in the comparison. Terror isn’t just physical violence against a person. It can be violence against an ethnic or religious group whatever form such violence may take. Burning down a mosque is an act of religious hatred. “Terror” is entirely warranted.

      As Melman noted in his own story, yr arguments about how difficult Jewish terror cells are to infiltrate are excuses, not explanations. And Melman knows the Shabak far better than you or I given that this is his professional beat as a journalist. And can you explain (not that I defend this) Melman’s comment that Palestinian terror suspects are tortured while Jews aren’t? Is one form of terror less dangerous than another? Is one type of terrorist diff or better than another?

      1. The pilpul about what exactly is terror (physical violence or not) is a side issue so I won’t carry on the arguement, except to say that extending the use of the word terror for all nasty acts by extremists dilutes the meaning and leads to the real bad terror to be less condemned. (A bit like substance abuse all lumped together whether hashish or heroin, etc.)

        I disagree that Jews are not tortured in their investigations. Many detained Jews have been denied legal representation at first (not in this mosque case), they are deprived of sleep, lights kept on 24/7, noises, their families are harrassed and have been denied access to religious rights such as specific kosher foods (mehadrin) and tefillin.
        I think Melman is actually being a mouthpiece and not critical when he writes what he writes in order to appease the right wing and show that the shabak is with them in not wanting to catch “jewish terrorists”.

        1. Melman is actually being a mouthpiece and not critical when he writes what he writes in order to appease the right wing and show that the shabak is with them in not wanting to catch “jewish terrorists”

          God, I hope you’re wrong.

  2. A small correction:
    Yaffa (also called Yaffo) is part of the Tel-Aviv-Yaffo municipality. It’s an Israeli city with a mixed population.

  3. Shin Bet do infiltrate these fanatic cancerous groups, but not as deeply as they should, possibly because they don’t see them as the threat they are.

    Or maybe they have limited resources, and wait till there is an incident worthy of divesting resources.

    They tend to see them as oddballs. But they are growing. Nothing will probably be done till they reach critical mass.

    The fact remains, these fanatics don’t see it as anything wrong, because their religous beliefs dictate attacking other faiths. I mean the interpretation by these fanatics, not Judaism as a whole. Even calling them Orthodox offends those Orthodox that don’t follow these beliefs, so what to call them? Misled Orthodox? Blinded by hate Orthodox?
    is really a cancer that needs to be given chemotherapy. Israelis should do it themselves before others do it for them, because this is what it will come to eventually. It happened with Al Qaeda, and it will happen with the Israeli Qaeda/Orthodox/Taliban whatever you want to call them. They are a threat to world peace,

  4. My perspective is that every settler (and not just price-tag and other terrorists and thugs) are present in OPTs illegally and should be removed in order to bring Israel into compliance with international law. (Not a popular opinion in Israel, I gather.) However, even those who do not agree with my recommendation can see that it would be one way to end the THIS Jewish terrorism. What JT might eventuate in response to efforts to remove the settlers and after their removal is, of course, another question. That is why Israel should have obeyed the law from day-1, so as to have avoided this entire branch of JT. If lawfulness and respect for the human rights of “others” (you know, human beings) had been part and parcel of Israeli thinking and teaching from before 1930s, many problems would not have come into being. Israelis are playing with fire and someone — ultimately including Israelis — will be burned.

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