3 thoughts on “Israel Ordered to Pay $400,000 to Aramin Family for Girl’s Murder – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Not quite fair to the civil court Richard. The lawsuit was filed in a civil court that has no criminal jurisdiction and it took some courage on the part of the judges to rule that the government was accountable. It was the Supreme Court that finally agreed that it was not feasible to identify the shooter, who was not a police officer, but a conscript soldier, serving as part of a legal fiction in the Border Police. The BP are ordinary soldiers in all except name. I hold no brief for them and have inhaled more of their tear gas than I would like, but it is not right to blame the judges who held the government as a whole accountable and liable for damages for the failure of the military justice system to prosecute the killers. The Aramin family chose to use the civil courts and certainly did not expect a criminal verdict. You are lumping together apples and oranges.

  2. I agree with Aharon Eviatar, but he is wrong on the matter of the Border Police – many of the BP are indeed conscripts who would otherwise be soldiers, but there is also a high percentage of professional police serving there who are not conscripts.
    Moreover, the military justice courts have NO JURISDICTION over these policemen who are policemen to all intents and purposes and answerable the the police chain of command. The IDF has no say in their actions once a conscript is drafted into the BP rather than the IDF.
    If a Border Policeman is tried it will be in a police disciplinary hearing, or in a regular criminal civil court, depending on the severity of the case and the findings and recommendations of “machash”, the special department in the justice ministry for investigating complaints against policemen.
    I’d be interested in hearing what were machash’s findings in this case.

  3. I’m not following either Aharon or Shmuel’s exoneration of the Israeli govt for not holding Abir Aramin’s killer(s) criminally responsible. Murder is murder whether by IDF or BP…machts nicht…
    There is culpability in that her killer acted knowingly, purposely, recklessly and negligently.
    US military members have (on occasion)actually been held accountable for homicides of innocent civilians there should be a trial, conviction and punishment. Instead of putting a gun back in his hands and sending him to do it again.

    It is a disgrace and a travesty of “justice” to merely pay restitution without a finding for her grieving parents.
    How many more unconvicted (uniformed) killers remain on active or reserve duty?
    Was this uniformed murderer acting on his own or following an order? has this been determined? If so, by whom and what year did that happen? How many many times have we read about these murderers getting away with their crimes?

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