6 thoughts on “Israeli Diplomats Flee Yet Another Arab Capital – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. The Ha’aretz article you link to states:

    “Protocol stipulates that all employees return to Israel every weekend, with the exclusion of one diplomatic representative as well as a security team.”

    All that is happening is that those employees are returning to Israel a day earlier than usual this weekend.

    The diplomatic representative and security team will remain in the embassy.

    And, per CNN:

    “The full embassy staff is expected to return Sunday to work in Amman.”

  2. could TIKUN OLAM blog from AMMAN and enlight us on the enlightenment of taking place in the EAST BANK of the JORDAN ?

  3. This is nothing to do with Liberman and everything to do with the inability of those states to be governed.
    The same night the Israeli embassy was attacked in Egypt, so was a major Egypt office (interior office or if I remember correctly). Unfortunately Liberman is not the head of the Egyptian interior office, so he cannot be blamed for that attack as well.

    1. It would appear that Israel cannot govern its settlers either – or do you think it actually encourages random acts of violence against Palestinians.

  4. Apparently, Israelis are adults. If so, they should behave responsibly as well. Instead, they beat, decimate, kill and maim the unruly “kids” day after day. If Israelis are such adults, they should be charged with child abuse, in addition to their many other crimes.

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