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  1. The article you quote clearly states that the scientist was willing and ready to sell classified documents to an Israeli company and/or government; it does not state anything about the Israeli government spying on the US.

    So how does this translate to a “justification for FBI spying on the official Israeli governmental presence”?

    1. It actually says he was willing to, and believed he was selling U.S. military secrets to the Mossad. He already was doing something similar for IAI as far as he thought. The reason the FBI has to try to interdict people like this, hell bent on giving away the store to the Mossad, is because there are Mossad agents who are trolling for such people who, in the cases of Jonathan Pollard, Ben Menashe & scores of others before them, they did exploit.

      If there was no Mossad threat, the FBI would not have to be as vigilant regarding such cases.

  2. RE: “Former White House Scientist Sentenced for Spying for Israel” ~ R.S.

    SOMEWHAT RELATED – Special treatment gives Israeli mobsters free access to US soil: WikiLeaks, by Ali Abunimah, 8/28/11

    (excerpt)..Known Israeli organized crime bosses are able to travel freely to the United States, unlike counterparts from Italy, China and Central America, because the State Department has failed to apply US law to them.
    It appears that at least one prominent Israeli crime family member was able to reach the United States with a specific intent to commit murder, as a result of this exemption.
    This revelation comes in a May 2009 cable from the US Embassy in Tel Aviv titled “Israel: A Promised Land for Organized Crime?”
    [LINK – http://wikileaks.org/cable/2009/05/09TELAVIV1098.html ]
    The cable, which was released by Wikileaks on 26 August, details the growing alarm of American officials that “Organized crime in Israel now has global reach, with direct impact inside the United States.”
    Israel, according to the cable, is a world center of money laundering, drug trafficking, and trafficking in women for prostitution; and Israeli crime families operate international criminal syndicates involved in gambling, credit card and technology fraud spanning the globe….
    Efforts to fight Israeli crime in US hampered by legal exemption
    Under a heading titled “Israeli OC Operating Freely in United States,” the cable states:

    …Unlike OC [organized crime] groups from the former Soviet Union, Italy, China, and Central America, application of INA [Immigration and Nationality Act] 212(a)(3)(A)(ii) against Israeli OC is not specifically authorized per Foreign Affairs Manual 40.31 N5.3. As such, Israelis who are known to work for or belong to OC families are not automatically ineligible for travel to the United States…

    ENTIRE POST – http://electronicintifada.net/blog/ali-abunimah/special-treatment-gives-israeli-mobsters-free-access-us-soil-wikileaks

    1. P.S. ALSO SEE: US Drug War Turns to International Combat ~ by Tom Barry, Counterpunch, 9/07/11

      (excerpt) The Strategy to Combat Transnational Organized Crime, released in late July by the White House, offers the strategic context for the increasing rhetorical focus of the Obama administration on “transnational crime,” “transnational threats,” and “transnational criminal organizations.” Over the past two years, administration and military officials have increasingly referred to the security threat of transnational organized crime – at home, along the border, and in Mexico and Central America…

      ENTIRE COMMENTARY – http://www.counterpunch.org/2011/09/07/us-drug-war-turns-to-international-combat/

  3. Richard,
    You bring the report and quote: “The scientist, Stewart D. Nozette, 54, who worked at the White House in 1989-90 and helped lead the search for water on the moon, WAS NOT CHARGED WITH SPYING FOR ISRAEL” (my caps)

    He worked for an Israeli company as a consultant, and was WILLING to help the mossad were they to approach him, but they didn’t! It was the FBI and not mossad who tricked him.

    This means we have an American citizen who was willing to betray his country and pass on secrets to which he was privvy to a foreign power, but nothing to prove that he actually managed to do so, nor that the foreign power was interested in what he had to offer (nothing here that shows he revealed to Israel anything secret)

    The FBI tested the loyalty of an American citizen, and he failed terribly. He should have stuck to looking for water on the moon rather than playing exciting “I’m helping the mossad” games.

    And I agree that there should be jobs like Shamai’s monitoring foreign embassies, the problem was what he did with the info not the actual work he did.

    1. So it’s yr contention that the FBI is in the business of setting up an otherwise innocent scientists for persecution?

      If this scientist was giving material to IAI and believed there was no difference bet what he provided the Israeli defense contractor and what he would do for Mossad, how do you know what he did for IAI wasn’t already compromising U.S. Defense secrets?

      1. I of course have no idea what he did for IAI, and neither do you, all I know is what you quoted that he was not accused of spying for Israel.

        I also don’t know the MO of the FBI, but do know a little about the legal concept of entrappment, and many a page has been filled with legal arguments about whether entrappment has to be proceded by firm evidence, or suspicion of illegal activity, or whether “just checking out” is good enough. In Israel “just checking out” is good enough, but of course the punishment will be in accordance to the reason for the entrappment. I don’t know the US law, but I don’t think it is beyond belief that any businessman who has security related dealings with a foreign country would be a legitimate target for FBI entrappment.

    2. I wonder how much other classified material he has managed to pass off that we don’t know about…a big possibility…

  4. What do we have here ?
    An American who is being framed by an American agency.
    And this is a legitimate reason to spy on another country ?
    This kind of ‘logic’ worked well in Soviet Russia, but I guess it works on some American bloggers as well.

    The claim is that a corrupt individual can be used by another party, is true for each and every corrupted person and for all possible other parties.

    In fact, they even failed to show he was corrupt to begin with. They only showed he was corruptible. I wonder how many individuals in the FBI (or CIA) itself are corruptible in the same way.

    1. I wonder how many Zionist jews working in the FBI or CIA or in the government in general are corruptible when it comes to Israel?

      1. I wonder how many Muslims working in the FBI or CIA or in the government in general are corruptible when it comes to Muslim or Arab countries?

        I bet that sounds racist to you, stevieb, as much as your comment sounded racist to me.

        1. I agree but it is a little different: Zionism makes a point of refocusing loyalties. To wonder about the Zionists in the CIA is a valid question about ideologically tainted loyalties. Neither Islam nor Communism, for that matter, are ideologically identical with this or that state. So, mnusing about the number of communists in the CIA or the number of Muslims does not have that direct connection to a foreign state, as such. I am interested in your response.

          1. Of course, those Zionists who interpret their allegiances to Israel as superceding their allegiance to the U.S. are disloyal and if they disobey the law they should be prosecuted. No Zionist should help Israel in such a way that it harms the U.S. I am an American, not an Israeli. Most (almost all I hope) American Zionists adhere to this principle as well.

            One of the reason I object to Aipac so thoroughly is that it’s allegiance is to Israel and only secondarily to the U.S. Of course they view their allegiances as co equal & say by allying with Israel they also help the U.S. I see this as nonsense.

            All that being said, I am a Zionist and love Israel. But that does not mean I put Israel above America.

          2. Would you agree that Shamai Leibowitz’ actions, which were motivated by a desire to help Israel, should also be similarly censured?

  5. If Stewart Nozette’s activities justifies FBI spying “on the official Israeli governmental presence in this country”, does Shamai Leibowitz’s activities justify the FBI or other agencies avoiding hiring or cooperating with individuals with similar political views as Leibowitz?

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