36 thoughts on “Israeli Judge to Israeli Media: You May Tell Israel Yoav Even Was Arrested for Sodomizing P., But You Still Can’t Name Him – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Amit Segal is the son of Hagai Segal, imprisoned for 2 years in the 80’s for taking part in the Jewish Brigade – recognized by Israel as a terrorist group.
    This can explain a bit about Amit’s views the way he covers the news.

  2. As an Israeli citizen I truely respect your work. Israel is a place with generally good and naive people from all political backgrounds and beliefs, living their lives and working in an economical hell, puppets of tycoons and oligarchs. the leadership of all Israeli society is crowded with corruption that you wouldn’t even dare to imagine. this is a tragedy. The media, judgement system, the rabbinical leadership, the Idf high staff, academia, the political system, ceos and owners of the biggest companies – leadership of all kinds is not there for the citizens but for themselves only in a dynamic corruptted infestation of interests – power, money, sex etc…
    this is a stage before something great. Salvation will arise in this great dark time the truth will be exposed. יהוה will rule us, not man. this tribe of Ashkenaz who kept this holy land thus far will be diminished to its true size while the tribe of yehuda יהוה oldest sons, will take its true stance and reveal the true ways of their father. true ways are kept in secret, unknown to any holders of power. Israel will become paradise upon this earth. it is all written in the bible for the true believer who dares glaring at the ultimate truth.
    We will be a light for all nations, for the innocents who will remain here to view this great light.
    It is all about the small diamond that is kept inside the rough. Do not think that all the hate that rules your heart when you watch Israel in its current state is proof of the disappearnace of holiness from the worlds’ only holy place.
    Israel will rise to be purified in front of all nations, And then the world will be saved from this false god of gold braught unto us from ungodly man pride and power.
    Israeli current officials are feeling this. Reading Israeli media – it is filled with misinformation and fake talkbacks
    trying to disguise their shame from people but Soon, money will be meaningless In all the world so their power will become groundless while truth will become of light.
    Funny thing is – some of them know in their heart that they are the subject of the prophecies speaking of their corruption in a very simple and understandable hebrew.
    And those of us who are born into this holy language, cannot deny the words of a forgotten heavenly father concealed by the rabbinical halachic Judaism.
    All you need to do is to read in peace of mind in the tanach. Do not think bearded men with hats and black suits represent any truth. Only an innocent mind, not gaining and asking for any materialistic wealth and power will absorb the goodness and love that is lurking between human written verses that enclaves some authentic words said by יהוה. The rest – is man made claims of power. I am short of words to describe all the promises made to the all nations and Israel from their father. For all Israeli officials reading this – start to think hardly of who you really are, all your gold will not be of any use and meaning when the time of the nightgale will come, and it will be very soon.

    כַּסְפָּם בַּחוּצוֹת יַשְׁלִיכוּ, וּזְהָבָם לְנִדָּה יִהְיֶה–כַּסְפָּם וּזְהָבָם לֹא-יוּכַל לְהַצִּילָם בְּיוֹם עֶבְרַת יְהוָה, נַפְשָׁם לֹא יְשַׂבֵּעוּ וּמֵעֵיהֶם לֹא יְמַלֵּאוּ: כִּי-מִכְשׁוֹל עֲו‍ֹנָם, הָיָה.

    1. thanks for your post.
      in the second paragraph please correct the phrase:
      ” … while the tribe of yehuda יהוה oldest sons, will take …” to read:
      “… while the tribe of yehuda יהדה oldest sons, will take …”
      shalom v’salaam

  3. Why you don t communicate the name of the woman presumably raped by this journalist ?
    Maybe a lot of person who known her could say if she is serious or not (it is the same argument you use to name the journalist).

    1. It is illegal in Israel to do so. Plus there are numerous misogynist male ghouls like u out there who already have identified her. One even used his JP Morgan Chase company email acct to do so, which got him in a world of trouble.

      1. It is illegal in Israël to name the presumed rapist and you have done it. Why do you use the same (false) argument to use it as a pretext for not naming this woman ? Are you a hypocrit ?

        1. I am not in Israel nor am an Israeli. Or are you suggesting that I should be subject to Israeli law while living in the U.S.? In making a choice between victim and accused rapist I’ll choose the female victim EVERY time.

          I will not make the victim a victim twice over. The accused rapist, however, deserves no consideration whatsoever except that I read the transcript of her testimony to the police & read the statements by his attorney to the police. I judged their probity & crediblity & found her reliable and him not. That’s why & how I made my decision. If you don’t like it that’s too bad.

          1. This man has not been judged, you have to say the “presumed” rapist. There is some probability that he is innocent and there is some probability that the woman who has accused him is a liar. The recent Strauss Kahn affair have learn us in France to be extremely prudent. I don t agree with you to name this presumed rapist (and the presumed woman raped). He is presumed innocent. I think you have done it to generate revenues and trafic for your site. The same for the rumor against Gedeon Saar, it is not fair to do it. You can say “i m fighting for good” and do bad things. The decision of the justice in Israël is for me perfectly just even if i am not a friend of Gedeon Saar and i don t known this journalist.

          2. there is some probability that the woman who has accused him is a liar.

            No, there is NO probability that she’s a liar. None whatsoever. I’ve seen photos of the physical injuries he caused her. I know what he did to her. YOu don’t. In fact, you don’t know squat & you’re starting to annoy me because you’re damn ignorant & are talking out your rear end.

            The DSK affair doesn’t teach anyone to be prudent. It teaches that some rich assholes have the luck to assault women who have mixed motives after they’re attacked & screw up prosecution of their attacker.

            As for revenues, yup you’re right again. The dinars are just rollin’ in. You should see my bank account. My bank balance is actually in the high three figures!

            “Justice in Israel is perfectly just.” That’s not only a tautology, but it’s a fantasy as well.

          3. @ a French
            “The recent Strauss-Kahn affair have learnt us in France to be extremely prudent”

            I live in France too, and we haven’t learnt the same lessons, apparently.

            What most people I know have learnt from this affair – till now – is that if there hadn’t been such a conspiracy of silence [omerta] on DSK and his generalized misbehaviour towards women, male chauvinism in general and sexual harassment specifically, he would’ve been stopped years ago.

            Most female journalists knew that he was a jerk, the more experienced told the younger ones never to be alone with him, to let the doors stay open while interviewing him. Female members of the Socialist Party [a social-democratic party with NO socialism and little internal democracy] have been harassed etc.
            Imagine, this guy could have been elected President of the French Republic in 2012.
            DSK has not been proven guilty of rape, but decades of sexual aggressiveness have come out into the light due to this affair. And we both know that if this Sofitel-affair had happened IN France, he would not have been neither imprisoned nor indicted.

          4. “I read the transcript of her testimony to the police & read the statements by his attorney to the police. I judged their probity & crediblity & found her reliable and him not”

            I presume you mean you read the newpaper reports of her testimony to the police, don’t you?

  4. Calling you a fantasist is hardly a “vicious attack”. In any event, it is much milder than the verbal assaults you commit against others.

    You’re a petty angry bully with no derekh eretz. While Israeli reporters do not share your violent style, do not expect them to pay you any respect.

      1. LOL

        You really *are* a fantasist. Just because I don’t have your radical world view doesn’t mean I’m a radical myself, or even right winged.

        The truth is that most pro-Israeli commentators here are usually from the moderate left-wing – hardly “Zionist terrorists”. Specifically, I am active in the peace movement, but instead of spreading poison, I actually try to do some good and promote dialog while you are spreading your lies about the Zionist “death cult”.

        1. most pro-Israeli commentators here are usually from the moderate left-wing

          That’s a laugh. Only someone already on the right could say that someone with his views was on the moderate left (a nonsensical phrase if ever I heard one). What you are is a liberal Zionist who can’t face the fact that liberal Zionism is dead. YOu’ve retreated fr. whatever liberal political views you held but can’t admit that you are no longer on the left & possibly no longer even liberal. It’s all right, it happens to good people all the time. The first sign of coming to accept this condition is admitting you have it. From there a cure is possible.

          1. Wow, and you know all that from just a couple of comments I’ve made. What can I say, you’re clairvoyant and humble.

          2. I thought you called yourself a progressive Zionist? have you changed to an anti Zionist?

      2. How from what he said you conclude anything about his views ?
        Richard, i Enjoy reading your blog, though some of what you right has no leg to stand on. You give room to much speculations (Yours and Others)

        You want an example ? @ the beginning of the month you published that a story generated by Robert Baer (Ex CIA) that Israel will attack Iran in September.
        tell tell signs on the ground, are showing that the US is closer to attack Iran then Israel, and according to those reports Iran shot down a US Global Hawk yesterday (Act of war on behalf of the US) will you publish it ? no you will not. You don’t do followup, unless its to further strengthen your positions. This is not considered serious Blogging or Journalism.



        1. the beginning of the month you published that a story generated by Robert Baer

          No, in fact my post was published before Baer’s & Baer was not my source. Baer was even a source for MY source. Baer is freelancing and has his own new book out which he’s promoting.

          As for signs the U.S. is planning to attack Iran, I’d welcome you sharing them with us. The downing of a U.S. spy plane, if it happened, is no more a sign of war than the downing of Francis Gary Powers U-2 signaled a U.S. war against the Soviet Union.

          1. It’s a bit off topic for this thread…
            Your comparison between the U2 and the UAV show, how little You understand the role of UAV’s, and how little you know of UAV’s technology.
            The USAF operates UAV’s with stealth capabilities. “Beast of Kandahar” (google images) is only one of them.
            If the Iranians shot down a UAV it’s because someone was playing with them – this was a gambit.
            The US sacrificed a UAV but in return collected telemetry about Iran’s active defense system around the facility that was surveyed. You don’t do that just to collect intelligence, you do that in preparation to an attack.

            Regardless of what really happened, you would be all over Israel’s ass, had it been an Israeli UAV. The same action on behalf of the US is not even mentioned by you.
            Seems you have one standard according to which you judge Israel, and another one according to which you judge others.

          2. The US sacrificed a UAV but in return collected telemetry about Iran’s active defense system around the facility that was surveyed. You don’t do that just to collect intelligence, you do that in preparation to an attack.

            Hey everyone…I bet you didn’t know we have Amos Yadlin, former IDF Aman chief actually gracing the comment threads w. his intelligence expertise. Seriously Nudnik, stop making stupid overgeneralizations that aren’t even credible to a layperson let alone a real intelligence analyst. IF Iran downed a UAV (again, Iran has been known to make claims that turn out not to be true), there could be 1,000 reasons why it was downed & why the U.S. put it up in the sky to begin with.

            You aren’t the first Israeli to breathlessly tell me the U.S. was about to attack Iran. You won’t be the last. But unlike you, many of us Americans know our gov’t a bit better than you. We know that there’s barely an infinitesimal chance the U.S. would attack Iran itself. The chances were much greater during the Bush administration, but Robert Gates scotched that plan. I think there’s much less chance of such a thing happening in an Obama administration. But coming from a country that wages war on its neighbors on a regular basis, you think the rulers of the rest of the world are like your own. And yes, I know that Obama has continued wars he’s inherited rather than end them when he should have. But unlike Israel & Bush, Obama hasn’t initiated any wars. And I hope & believe he won’t.

            As for an Israeli UAV over Iran, first I doubt Israel has the range to do this. Second, it doesn’t need to do so as long as the U.S. shares the intelligence it gets.

          3. “But unlike Israel & Bush, Obama hasn’t initiated any wars”
            and i guess Libya in just another exercise in arithmetic ?

            “As for an Israeli UAV over Iran, first I doubt Israel has the range to do this. ”

            Maybe then you should do some reading about the subject. Israel is considered the leader in UAV technology. Israel’s UAV are operated all over the world, including by the armed forces of the USA.
            if you want to be directed towards a specific UAV for your research about the Israeli capabilities, please google the IAI Eitan.

            I doubt the US shares anything with Israel, it was proven in the past that despite of agreements. that’s not the case.

            and before claiming someone is making stupid claims, please go do some reading on the subject of intelligence gathering of anti-aircraft defense systems.

          4. I doubt the US shares anything with Israel

            That’s simply untrue. In fact, Stuxnet was a joint U.S.-Israeli collaboration. The U.S. also shared satellite & other intelligence on the Syrian nuclear facility. In numerous instances there is cooperation. Not in every instance by any means. But certainly in a number of cases there is.

          5. You are trying to pass speculations you read over some newspapers as gospel.
            You (and the reporter who originally reported the story) have no idea what Stuxnet is all about. talking about Stuxnet did you notice that Iran is replacing all of it’s 5000 centrifuges ?(http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/middleeast/iran/8646817/Iran-installing-centrifuges-to-speed-up-uranium-enrichment.html)
            I guess Stuxnet 3.0 still pays rent to date.

            You have no idea what information was shared between Israel and the US prior to the attack of the Syrian plutonium reactor (or in any other case). You don’t even know who did it, you can only guess.

          6. You don’t know what you’re talking about. They’re UPGRADING their cetrifuges, not merely replacing them. That means that whatever they’re trying to do w their program will happen faster.

            And most analysts & I’m sure Dagan himself would concede whatever impact Stuxnet had it is long since depleted.

          7. New York Times published this statement just a few days ago saying the effect of Stuxnet is gone. The Iranians now have just as many centrifuges operating as just before Stuxnet wreaked havoc. Sorry to disappoint.

            And of course Stuxnet is still active. And it may even be hiding somewhere prepared to wreak more havoc at some future date. But the damage it did has been fixed.

          8. Well.. I googled your claim, and couldn’t find an article.
            would you be able to link to it ?
            and think about it for a sec, replacing centrifuges is way more involved then building new ones. You don’t replace for the sake of upgrade, unless you are facing real hardware issues which you will never announce.

  5. I recommend that all of those who speak Hebrew will spend the 13 min required to watch this great piece by Miki Rozenthal called “The stain that sticks” here http://news.nana10.co.il/Article/?ArticleID=815520

    From info presented by Police Chief Denino a huge numbers of complaints (190) was filled against public figures. most of them dismissed and 33 resulted in action taken against the people.

    In Israel due to the so called “Journalism” and free speech advocates (like You) people are not considered innocent any more. any one who googles Even’s name Iin english) will come across your allegations. Your allegations though are not presented as allegations, first thing a user will come across is ” Yoav Even – Rapist”. Did he ? not according to the due process.
    Do you show respect to the Israeli Due process no. would you complain if a settler will not show respect to the same due process in a Palestinian involving matters – of course you would.
    that makes you a Hypocrite.

    1. Excellent report. Unfortunately it would not meet the approval of the anti Zionist left, therefore it can’t be true.

  6. “To no one’s surprise, the state prosecutor decided not to prosecute for lack of sufficient evidence. It should be noted that this is an entirely different standard than clearing Even of charges on grounds of innocence.”

    It is quite true that a decision not to prosecute for lack of evidence is not the same as clearing someone on grounds of innocence. But the state prosecutor cannot clear someone on the grounds of innocence (that is the prerogative of the courts) and there is no way of knowing if “lack of evidence” means “not quite enough to secure a conviction” or whether the lack of evidence against a particular suspect stems from the fact of them actually being innocent. The only way a suspect could actually be cleared and PROVEN innocent, is by holding a trial. But no prosecutor is going to bring charges if they don’t think they can make them stick.
    You should also consider that there is the possibility that further evidence may later become available, increasing the possibly of obtaining a conviction whereas, if charges are brought now and the suspect is acquitted for lack of evidence, that would be like a second rape for the victim.

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