30 thoughts on “UN: Gaza Faces Highest Unemployment in World – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Unemployment is a scourge all around the world. The best economic model is whereby an adult male can earn enough to provide for his wife and children. The current situation in Gaza must be corrected. If a regional peace agreement can be negotiated and the correct command and control structure put in place in Jerusalem, Gaza can grow by at least 10% p.a. from 2013 to 2025. Growth would then slow to about 5% p.a. The current GDP of the Strip is approx. $770 Million. From such a low base by 2025 this would be $2.4 Billion. By 2050 this could reach $8.18 Billion. If the population of the Strip was 2.1 million by then, i.e. A 1% growth rate, the per capita GDP would be a very respectable $38,000 p.a.

    People who have hope in their lives and options for self actualisation do not normally seek out violent ways to resolve their problems. All behaviour is a result of mindset and setting. It is up to the leaders in an area to change both. The general welfare of the entire Middle East can be raised.

    Cynics out there must remember that sixty years ago Singapore was basically a swamp.

    The steps required are as follows :

    (1) Get the right people to Jerusalem
    (2) Conduct certain meetings based on vision, courage and trust building.
    (3) Reach agreements even if some of the details are “fuzzy”.
    (4) Co-operation to unfold.
    (5) More monitoring, consultation and trust building.
    (6) Peace, security and prosperity grows.

    1. How about:

      1) Israel be forced to end the blockade
      2) Israel get the hell out of the Palestinian Territories
      3) Everyone vote Yea on Palestinian Statehood
      4) Israel return Occupied Land
      5) Every demand that the rights and sovereignty of Palestinians be respected by Israel and the U.S.

      Instead of the endless sham peace process now being brokered by none other than Aipac’s man Dennis Ross?

  2. Sieges and blockades never work in the modern world; there are too many ways to cut around them, and they only strengthen the besieged/blockaded government. If Cuba cannot be driven to her knees by the US, then Gaza cannot be broken.

    1. You can’t compare the embargo to the blockade against Gaza. It’s ridiculous to do so. The humanitarian crisis in Gaza no way ressembles what Cubans enjoy despite the embargo.

  3. If Egypt has lifted its Siege, there is no blockade.
    As for Israel, as a sovereign state it can decide who enters it and who does not.
    Citizens from an entity who declared war on Israel are not entitled to enter.

    1. They (the Egyptian border police) still kept people out of Egypt for a variety of reasons; not everybody can leave Gaza, so technically the blockade still has not lifted. As a sovereign state Israel is a humanitarian failure, because in Gaza there is deliberate witholding of food and jobs as part of a slow and “hidden” ethnic cleansing program. Despite all that, the Gazans have not given and Israel fails again. But then failure at anything but becoming a more authoritarian state is normal for Israel.

      1. no they didn’t you wright. but some times they just shotting missiles and mortars … just like that… and sniper’s shooting on the foreign workers (or infiltrator’s) in the field’s

    2. First of all, lose the myth that “Egypt lifted the siege”. Egypt’s military is allowing travel not the flow of goods.

      Palestinians will fend for themselves as soon as Israel stops butting into their business! Israel wants to monopolize Palestinians’ economy and that’s the lesser of the evils inflicted by Israel on Palestinians.

  4. The unemployment figures will remain high until private industry can thrive, and that can’t happen till Israel llifts the blockade.

    Aid is only a temporary measure, and it is not one that should be encouraged for longer than necessary, not least because often those who need it don’t get it, and the corrupt leaders are busy lining their pockets and foreign bank accounts whilst the general populace suffer.

    What goes around comes around, Israel should remember that.

  5. “If Israel lifted the siege, unemployment would drastically fall”
    why is that ? israel replaced the arab muslims from its
    workforce and replaced them with peace loving asian

    you see these arabs from gaza have tendency to explode
    in israeli cities

    therefore the above statement is simply not true

    1. Don’t be ridiculous. How much do you know about the Israeli work force? Not much obviously. There are still many Palestinian workers who come & go every day doing the back breaking work no Israeli Jew wants, earning a pittance & returning to their homes in peace. Your comment also implied Gaza would have no economy aside fr a dependence on Israeli jobs were there no blockade. Again, stupid thinking on your part. Gazans are some of the most inventive people in the world who’ve had to make do w. little & improvise for much of their needs. They will do fine once the cursed siege ends.

      You’re a disgusting racist & now banned. I have no patience for it.

      1. I wonder if Joe knows that Palestinians in the diaspora have an above average education, and are very successful. Nearly all millionaires.

        1. joe knows.

          are you suggesting that the palestinians should leave for their employment.

          leave palestine to get their millions – one’s greatest achievment in life. and life’s greatest achievement via evolution. maybe, devolution.

          how does your comment relate to employment in a rigidly controlled concentration-extermination prison where anything substantial, productive, life giving/affirming will attrack a missile.

      2. It is unclear to me what is wrong with “the siege” from Israel’s viewpoint. Prof. Shlomo Avineri ( a Labor Party man) wrote in Ha’aretz advocating defining Israel’s border with Gaza as an enemy frontier, just like the border with Lebanon or Syria. This was the situation before 1967. Egypt has opened its border with Gaza so I fail to see why Israel is obligated to give them anything, especially since they define us as an enemy state.

        1. So Avineri is Labor. Is that supposed to make his ideas kosher, if you’re characterizing them accurately?

          The borders with Lebanon & Syria are different as each of them has many other borders & seacoast through which it may import & export. Gaza does not have this even with the relaxation of conditions on the Egyptian border (where btw only people can enter & exit, not commerce).

          Gaza has not defined Israel at all. Show me where it’s formally designated Israel as anything let alone an enemy state. In fact, if Israel allowed it Israelis would be reporting fr. Gaza. So much for an enemy state.

          1. Just today a rocket was fired from the Gaza Strip into Israel. If the HAMAS regime in power in Gaza does not define Israel as a enemy state which they refuse to recognize (claiming to support a cease-fire is not “recognition” nor peace), then why are they firing these rockets. Another question…is firing rockets into Israel going to make Israel want to keep its border open with Gaza?

          2. Do you know how many groups there are within Gaza who might want to fire a rocket? Need I remind you that Menachem Begin attempted to smuggle an entire shipload of arms into Israel & that Ben Gurion killed people to stop this from happening? And that Hamas has done the same thing in order to exert control over security in the enclave.

            As for recognizing Israel, that too is under contention since Hamas has said it would be willing to establish a state in 1967 borders, tacit acceptance of Israel. And need I remind you that your own PM is just as much a rejectionist as Hamas since HE doesn’t recognize a Palestinian state in 67 borders. So when Bibi recognizes Palestine come September, then I’ll get PO’ed on yr behalf that Hamas hasn’t done the same.

            And who says Hamas fired the rockets? Do you have proof?

          3. HAMAS is absolutely responsible. I can’t accept this “we don’t have control of extremists”. That is what a ruling power is supposed to do. They have the power, they can prevent it if they want. Their intelligence operatives know who has the rockets and who uses them.
            But let’s say they don’t. Then what use is it to negotiate with them, as you advocate? They wouldn’t be able to deliver a peace agreement even if they agreed to it.

          4. Just as the State of Israel is responsible when settlers go on rampage & kill 29 Palestinians or 4 or 8 or whatever the massacre du jour happens to be. Why is it I don’t hear you crying in yr beer when that happens, inveighing against the Israeli state & saying it’s directly responsible? What’s that? You don’t think it IS responsible? My, how surprising. No double standards for you, are there?

            Acc. to yr logic the Shin Bet operatives know who has the guns & who uses them among the settlers. But let’s say they don’t. Then what use is it to negotiate with the Israeli State? They wouldn’t be able to deliver a peace agreement even if they agreed to it. Touche, fella, touche.

          5. NO “touche!”. They are lawbreakers and the police are supposed to be tracking them down and arresting them, and as a matter of fact, arrests are made. Just a coule of days ago in Yitzhar, one was arrested.
            Shooting rockets across a border are a matter of national security of the highest order, not merely one of law enforcement. I don’t think you can find any other examples of supposed “renegades” firing missiles from one country against another. If HAMAS really has no control of such a strategic issue, then there is really no reason to deal with them.
            Arafat played this game for years…on the one hand he claimed he was the ONE indespensible leaders that could deliver a deal, but he then claimed he incapable of reigning i the “extremists” who carried out the suicide bombings, while all the time he was encouraging them, even while they were carried out by members of the Al-Aqsa Martyr’s Brigade, which was a constituent member of his own FATAH organization. This is the reason the whole “peace process” has become discredited in the eyes of the majority of the Israeli public.
            Its the same game Pakistan plays with the US…they use their ISS to set up the extremists groups and then they demand the US to pay them billions to “restrain” them. Dexter Filkins wrote at lenght about this a couple of years ago.

          6. They are lawbreakers and the police are supposed to be tracking them down and arresting them, and as a matter of fact, arrests are made.

            No, no, no, buddy. You said Hamas was directly responsible for not preventing violence against Israel & that it’s failure to do so meant it was at war with Israel. So I say the Shabak’s abject failure to prevent massacres & other forms of ethnic cleansing against Palestinians means the entire State of Israel is at war with Palestine…or at least that’s where YOUR logic leads. I don’t believe either the latter statement or former is true. You believe the former is true & the latter is false because you either don’t understand the logic if yr own prejudice or you’re hypocrite. Which is it?

            “Arrests are made?” Like Chaim Pearlman, who was released after murdering several Palestinians w. no charges even filed?? That sort of prevention?

            Got more news for you buddy. Rockets don’t generally kill people. But homicidal maniacs who unload their weapons at unarmed, defenceless Palestinians are a far higher national security threat to Palestinians that an errant rocket is to Israel. Once again your utter hypocrisy because to you a Palestinian life is worth far less than an Israeli. Admit it.

            I don’t think you can find any other examples of supposed “renegades” firing missiles from one country against another.

            What about the acts of terror perpetrated in revenge by Israeli commandos in the 1950s which were blamed on renegade Israelis when they were really perpetrated by the IDF. Not too dissimilar. Besides, most Arabs would find Israel’s cross border raids in Lebanon, Palestine, etc. as entirely the same.

            This is the reason the whole “peace process” has become discredited in the eyes of the majority of the Israeli public.

            That’s a nonsense excuse. The real reason is that Israelis don’t want peace, at least their leaders don’t.

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