4 thoughts on “Ukrainian Professors Deflate Israeli Charges Against Abusisi – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Kudos to you Richard for covering this story. I suspect a lot of other journalists weren’t brave enough to report it.

  2. One doesn’t need to be a rocket-scientist to have noticed the Israeli custom of making brazen, wink-supplemented claims (Bibi made his career of it).
    AbuSisi, it seems, was taken as one more human chip to be bargained in negotiating for Shalit’s deliverance.
    The rocket accusations are presumably supplemented by the customary implied wink.

  3. Richard, if the Israeli intelligence services are willing to concoct such outrageous charges, based on testimony solicited under extreme pressure, why would we believe they have the right suspects in custody for the Itamar murders? after all, they subjected an entire village to something jut barely short of a pogrom, tearing it all up, hauling anybody and everybody in, threatening men, women and children, until, finally – bingo – suspects have been found.

    Who then confessed – under extreme duress, no doubt.

    Who will then be convicted based on their confession with no trial taking place.

    Who will then be thrown into jail and the families cowed from making any further counterclaims.

    As for the “evidence” they collected , it can all be “reverse engineered” rather easily, once the “suspects” have been identified and the story-board put together.

    And herein you see the problem: once the military/intelligence/shabak etc have been conclusively shown as willing and able to manufacture evidence for purely political goals, once the pursuit of anything resembling justice has been abandoned, once we figure out what the ultimate purpose is behind it all (getting away with keeping the West bank), why would anyone believe anything they ever say?

    Personally, I still think Itamar was a job by someone on the inside, based on all I read and the numerous conflicting testimonies. But it is extremely convenient to pin it on some hapless Palestinian teenagers (who, as the story build, become more and more capable, with the motives becoming closer to “terror’ as the spin machine works its way through). Some day, the truth will come out, just as it did in the blood libels pinned on Jews in the middle ages.

    By the same token, some day I believe the truth about the anthrax attacks will come out too (no, I don’t think mossad was behind it, other than in an advisory role).

  4. Hopefully Dirar Abusisi will soon be among his dear ones. I think particularly about his father in Jordan, who was devastated that he might never see his son again, and that little daughter, Maria, who’s still waiting for her father and her doll

    I’m just worried that the State of Israel will never admit a mistake. Did they ever ? Since the Lillehammer-affair when they were caught in flagrante delicto.

    If Dirar Abusisi will soon be free, Richard, you have a big share in that. May God bless you and your family.

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