2 thoughts on “U.S. Blacklisted Ofer Brothers After Israel Warned Not to Deal With Iranian Shipping Company – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. You’ve been mentioned in the National Turk in regards to a story on Sammy Ofer, which also added another interesting tid bit.


    “American blogger Richard Silverstein took things a step further, claiming that ships owned by the Ofer Brothers Group docked in several Iranian ports dozens of times over the past few years, allowing Mossad agents to enter the Islamic Republic to carry out secret operations.

    Sammy Ofer is involved in the privatization moves of Turkey’s AKP government

    Sammy Ofer also was the pratogonist in one of the biggest privatization scandals revealed in Turkey. The ruling AKP government sold 14.76 % of Tüpraş stocks, Turkey’s largest industrial enterprise, operating four oil refineries, with a total of 28.1 million tons annual crude oil processing capacity, to Sammy Ofer without making the deal public. After the initial privatization was complete the stocks increased in value and Sammy Ofer tripled his profit in the investment.”

  2. Ofer Shipping is said to be one of Israel’s biggest companies. I read somewhere that it was Mossad. It’s impossible for such a big company not to in involved with the defence of the nation. It’s only natural, it could be said for any country.

    One other thing…Ofer died.

    There are uncanny parallels to another similar murky story..that of Mirror Group chairman

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