8 thoughts on “Palestine: Road to Statehood – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. If true, its a shame the SC veto can obstruct a GA motion to admit a member state.

    But, in the several months between now and September, and despite the President’s clearly enunciated stance as ready to cast the veto vote, it is the US who will face the diplomatic tsunami.

    Can the President, and this country, sustain the loss of stature and the ridicule of history that will come with being the lone voice opposing statehood? Why is this year not like any other?

  2. It’s disgraceful that the U.S. would work against this effort by Palestinians to be recognized as a state by the U.N. Obviously, the land issue will need to be resolved and Palestinians will still have to endure those radical Russian immigrants on their land until sanctions are enforced, but with U.N. recognition, immediately Palestinians would have access to rights they can only dream of under military oppression and Occupation by Israel. To deny them an opportunity to access those rights is cruel and inhumane and what an ugly precedent it sets for the U.S. to be on the wrong side of this obvious human rights issue and on the wrong side of history.

    I am hopeful and looking forward to 2/3 of the world sticking it to Israel and the U.S. I know they will pull every dirty trick in the book including buying votes and maybe even extortion, who knows? It’ll be a battle royale, but bring on the hasbarists, I’m ready to challenge their b.s. Should Palestinians acquire statehood through the U.N., however, I’m wondering how sanctions against Israel will pass if they go through the Security Council and the U.S. will veto them? I wonder if sanctions can be passed by the GA in the same way with a 2/3 vote? Without sanctions Israel will hardly budge as a multitude of Resolutions have been passed against Israel and all were ignored. If the GA can pass sanctions, I will be ecstatic that Israel will finally pay a price for its illegal occupation, land theft, violation of human rights and daily military oppression of Palestinians. BRING IT ON!

  3. “It would also need to agree to abide by the UN Charter…”

    Ideally the converse would also be true: nations that consistently behave in violation of the UN Charter, such as the United States and Israel, should be unceremoniously kicked out of the UN.

  4. When the UN years back equated Zionism with racism, in Haifa they changed the name of United nations Blvd. to Zionism Blvd.

    Who cares what the hazy UN comes up with?

    1. Who cares? Israel cares, that’s who. Why else do you think Bibi & Barak are runnin’ around like chickens w. their heads cut off crying the “sky is falling” & a “diplomatic tsunami” is coming with the UN vote?

  5. Palestine may also bring a case before the International Criminal Court against Israeli generals for war crimes violations, as Palestine would now fall under ICC jurisdiction.

    Only if they separately accede to the Rome Statutes. They may well do that, but I don’t think it happens automatically with UN recognition of statehood.

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