18 thoughts on “Milad Ayyash, 17, Killed by Settler Guard’s Bullet – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Nice tribute to an innocent young life murdered for protesting injustice. Will definitely circulate this.

    At the same time here’s a video showing Attorney Maisa Arshid of the Public Committee Against Torture in Israel getting slapped by Kobi Bachar, deputy commander of the Galilee District Police, after she asked him why he was arresting protesters demonstrating on the Nakba. Just more proof of disgusting behavior by Israeli police.


    1. Well,at least she is honest if not politically correct.
      Alternatively,she may simply have tried to been “polite” and said what she thought the interviewer wanted to hear.

      In the 1990’s I used to visit Egypt and Jordan with a Yemenite friend,I posed as an Irish gentile and he as a Palestinian.We heard a lot of nasty stuff but at a certain stage I realized that people were paying lip service and saying what they felt was expected and not necessarily what they felt.
      Unfortunately my friend would get anxiety attacks afterwards but we kept coming back for the good stuff.

    2. Wow, Eli relies on MEMRI.
      I wonder whether Yuri Edelstein gives a list every morning. This specific video has been posted all over the net by right-winged Zionists the last couple of days. There must be some kind of centralized ‘Hasbara’.
      You want me to post the same kind of shit, not in the mouth of a 92-years-old but Rabbis giving lessons on how the Torah justifies the killings of all Arabs ?
      After ‘Obsessions’ and MEMRI, what have you got in your pocket for us ? Looking forward …

        1. Do you condone what the Rabbis Ovadia Yossef, Yosef Elitzur, Yitzhak Shapiro say about exterminating Arabs ?

          What has Eli’s MEMRI-video to do with a young Palestinian killed by a security guard ? Do you condone THAT murder ?

          If you read my comment, you know perfectly well what I think about that kind of statements. I didn’t write ‘shit’ for no reason !

          1. I would like you to refrense statements about killing Arabs by the above mentioned rabbi’s taken in full context and from neutral sources. Please do.

            Do you condone what that woman in the video said?

          2. The video is officially off topic as it is from MEMRI, a source lacking in any credibility. If you ask anyone here to comment further on it, you will be moderated.

            I have written many, many posts about rabbis advocating exterminating Arabs including about the specific rabbis she referenced. Instead of asking her to do the work for you, YOU do the work by taking all of the 30 seconds it would take to find the posts I’ve written here on this subject.

          3. @ Duhay)
            You just need to google those names and you’ll get plenty of informations. Lots of Haarets-articles, and the topic has been discussed here often.

            Why don’t you comment on the topic of this file, the killing of a 17-years-old Palestinian in East Jerusalem by the security guard ? Do YOU condone that ?

          4. Sorry Richard, you do not classify as a neutral website.

            Relative to the topic of this posting and the question asked of me, not only do I NOT condone this killing and the circumstances in which it happened I detest that it ever happened….in the very same manner I detest the killing of Aviv Morag, a young man who also seems to have been caught up in the tensions of the day, yet not mentioned here, in this forum by its author.

            Now, Deir yassin, do you condone what the woman in the posted video said? Shall we massacre all the Jews once again as we did in Hebron prior to the Nakba?

          5. You will now be moderated for violating my express demand that you refrain from diverting attention here to sources like MEMRI. If you break any comment rules in future you run the risk of losing yr privileges entirely. If you ask the question above a 3rd time you will be banned permanently.

          6. @ Duhay)
            Read my first comment again and you’ll know perfectly well that I condone that kind of statement.
            Furthermore, I’ve already answered elsewhere that I regret that many Palestinians use the word ‘Jews’ instead of Zionists or Israelis, and I’m NOT referring to this old woman and her stupid statements, but in general.

            I also remind you that YOU asked me to condone a statement in a video that has absolutely nothing to do with Richard’s article, but didn’t condone THAT killing before asked to. So keep your moral lessons to yourself.

    3. Posting material from MEMRI is not acceptable according to my comment rules because it is not a credible source. Read them. Violation of the rules will result in imposing restrictions on yr comment privileges.

  2. Too bad the family doesn’t want the settler’s conviction as they refused a autopsy and buried him hurriedly.

    1. What nonsense. Can you point me to a single Israeli whose ever been either arrested or convicted in Jerusalem for killing or wounding a Palestinian. Point me to a single instance. Then I’ll agree that the family should’ve tried to get justice from Israel. What justice? From Israel? For a Palestinian? Are you daft?

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