12 thoughts on “U.S. Account of Bin Laden Assassination Frays Around Edges – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Welcome to the Banana Republic.
    Leon Panetta said the orders were to kill.
    Extrajudicial assassinations and death squads shock the conscience, the real test of societal right and wrong. We made up laws for Nuremberg on this principle.

    Remember when Seymour Hersh and Jeremy Schahill first wrote about them? Now apparently this kind of murder is acceptable to our political class and their apologists.

    Let’s not forget that Eric Holder defended United fruit from charges over the use of death squads.

    Obama said he respected Reagan. Well, he fails to live up to even that test. At least Reagan and Ford wrote executive orders prohibiting political assassinations and Reagan spoke out against torture. http://www.trialbriefs.com/politicalassassination.htm

    Obama and Bush have really debased our society morally(have you noticed mostly the same people fill the offices? It’s hard to tell if this is a Bush or Clinton 3rd term) ; They’ve fuzzed the line between right and wrong which is the cause of the partisan fracture amongst the people. The same thing happened over slavery, and I hope it doesn’t take a civil war to put the monster back in the closet. Shame on them.
    Your wife is right. I think the reason they aren’t going to release the video or pictures because it depicts cold blooded murder and there could be a trial over it; something even Fox News admits. Doctoring the photos isn’t an option as it can be detected. It is not because of any morally superiority, as the hypocrite Obama tells us: we are better than our enemies that drag bodies through the streets (after assassinating them).

    1. Yes, the lines between right and wrong and justice and injustice have been blurred and it bothers me even more when I see Obama, a former civil rights attorney, twisting the law and the truth in the same manner as Bush and his administration did.

      The violent behavior of the U.S. and Israel represent dangerous threats for human evolution and the civilized world. They have dragged others countries (Poland, Ukraine, Egypt, etc) into their subversion of the law and the truth in order to execute a blockade, wars against civilian populations, renditions, kidnappings, torture and executions, but I hope that the rest of the Western world and civilized world recognizes the slippery slope here and condemns these acts forcefully so that this kind of vigilante justice doesn’t become the norm.

      1. “vigilante justice”
        This really sums it up, but it’s another matter altogether when a state decides to take it up against it’s (unarmed) enemies, having a judicial system at it’s disposal.

        It’s like Terrorism: how the poor make war vs. War: how the state commits terrorism.

        What they have done is a crime.

  2. The shifting accounts of what really happened proves one thing with convincing certainty. We are NOT getting the truth.

    9/11 has given the U.S. a license to throw out the law and to kill scores of people over the years who had nothing to do with that crime. In this case, I must seriously question why they killed all the people they killed who lived on that compound. These people were unarmed. This was not collateral damage; it was just plain murder.

    I’m not saying OBL had no planning involvment, but show us the money. Give us the proof. I want to know exactly HOW he was involved. For example, if his involvment was to fund the operation; then that proof should be easily traced and presented in a court of law.

    Here’s the thing. The Nazis killed even more people than died on 9/11 and they got to face their accusers, and witnesses and evidence was presented.

    I find vigilante justice, extra-judicial executions all a disturbing and barbaric trend. I should think that as humans we have evolved but instead I see all this vengeance and killing as regressing to the Dark Ages.

    Oh and one more thing: Obama had disappointed me in too many ways to count, specifically in regards to his handling of the Israeli Occupation (ie settlement expansion), Afghanistan and the Egyptian Revolution. In this case, I sense that we are being denied the truth and justice is being denied as well. Therefore I have no problem stating what I believe to be true about Obama: he’s an empty suit who doesn’t mean what he’s says, a political opportunist, and a snake charmer who makes fantastic speeches but has no guts to be the man he pretends to be, plain and simple.

    I had a bad feeling about him, which I ignored at the time, since I was so desperate to see someone truly different replace Bush. Cast Lead happened after the election and Obama was practically silent on the atrocities that Israel was committing in Gaza. Another thing that bothered me is the fact that he wasn’t at his mother’s side when she died and again when his grandmother was dying and subsequently died; he neglected to be there for her and postponed attending to her for weeks! This grated on me, but I just ignored it, and the fact is, I was right. The man has no integrity and puts political self-interest and ambition before his conscience.

  3. Holders defense of assassination by tagging OBL as a commander in the field is incorrect. Ayman al-Zawahiri is the commander. If anything at all he was now retired and living as a private citizen, ailing in health.

    It is widely believed that OBL was a ”source of inspiration” for his followers and had no actual role in planning or approving any attacks.

    The recording that he supposedly made taking credit was likely forged. http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2002/nov/30/alqaida.terrorism

    The video which the government said he admitted it was translated incorrectly, this went unreported in the US.

    Never the less, even if he was guilty of having a hand in the Cole bombing he deserved a trial, and we deserve to have our leaders stand by their commitment to our Constitution and show confidence in our system of justice, that is, if it is in fact superior at all it should withstand the tests for which it was designed.

    They murdered five people for a symbolic victory, but in reality it will cost us dearly. I can’t help feeling like the age of enlightenment is over. The cautious conservatives, intellectuals, the moral and wise have been sidelined. We are ruled by greedy barbarians.

    1. Well said, Parah Salin. Bin Laden deserved his day in court no less than Timothy McVeigh did. And you’re right about al-Zawahiri being the true leader of Al Qaeda.

  4. We need to see the video. there is no other way to assess what happened. No video, no truth.

    Tried to surrender but could still be shot? Well, a fact question and a legal question.

    Resisted and therefore shot? Again, a fact question and a legal question.

    It’s like Cast Lead except one does not expect any of the SEALS to speak out.

  5. Does anyone know if there is any conclusive evidence of Osama bin Laden’s involvement in 9/11 or any other terrorist attacks? Except of course his own words. The fact that he praised the attacks and claimed (I don’t know if he did) that he was involved will not be sufficient in a court of law.

    1. If you admit in a court of law that you are the author of a crime I’d say your case is pretty much sunk. But I truly wish the U.S. gov’t would’ve mounted a full court press to prosecute him either here on in The Hague. It could’ve been a model use of international law.

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