9 thoughts on “Is It War? – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Re “Is it war?” What a silly question. It has been perpetual war for the past 65 or so years. What has changed to make you think otherwise?

      1. Nabka? ’67?, ’73?, Lebanon, ’82?, Lebanon, 2006? All the skirmishes in between and since? They aren’t wars? There have been cease fires, but the wars and aggressions from the Israeli side have continued non-stop since Israel became a state. The long war will continue until Israel either absorbs all of Palestine into its apartheid state, or a bi-national, secular state is created for both peoples. Zionism, for all its remaining power to destroy, is dying as an ideology. My fear is that it will die hard and try to take the world with it.

  2. Hardly war, more like an imminent massacre. The Zionists are really good at butchering defenceless people, however cowardly and incompetent they may be when faced with capable, determined opponents.

    1. True words of wisdom, in the spirit of “precise and accurate” claims the owner of this blog loves so much.

      I am a progressive (critical) Zionist.

      Hey, richard, traducteur just claimed u r really good at butchering defencless people – unless u no longer consider yourself a zionist, of course. I hope it makes u feel proud!

  3. Thank you for stating the obvious. Yes, yes, the US and Israel (and Fatah and PA and PLO) must talk to Hamas.

    Let us pray that the obvious (to us) may come onto the radar of those masters of duplicity (and ignorance) to whom it is not obvious.

    It might help to take Hamas off the various national lists (US and UK come to mind, perhaps Israeli) of “terrorist” organizations. Or get rid of these lists entirely. They are not helpful.

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