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  1. Abu Sisi never actually said that the plane carrying him landed in a third country, according to the PCHR account of their interview with him. The plane carrying him from Ukraine could have landed directly at any of a number of military or civilian airports inside Israel — including Eilat, for example, or Sde Dov in north Tel Aviv.

    What the PCHR statement says, precisely, is that “Once in Kiev he was held in an apartment where there were another six persons who introduced themselves to be members of the Mossad. Abu Sisi said that the Mossad members immediately questioned him and then flew him by plane. The flight lasted between four and five hours before landing in a place unknown to him. Approximately thirty minutes later, they took off again and the flight lasted for approximately one hour. Upon landing Abu Sisi found himself in Israel”.

    1. They would’ve landed inside Israel, taken off again & spent an hr in the air & landed once again inside Israel?? I think not. His first place of detention was Petah Tikvah, right in the heart of Israel. You’d hardly need a 2nd flight if your first leg landed inside Israel.

  2. RE: “an interview with him published I believe in Haaretz asked that question to which he replied in rather mealy-mouthed fashion that it would be inconceivable for any nation to have done what was claimed on Ukrainian soil.” – R.S.

    FROM IRISHTIMES.COM, 03/18/11: …Ukrainian prime minister Mykola Azarov visited Israel this week but said he had “no clear information” on the case.
    SOURCE – http://www.irishtimes.com/newspaper/world/2011/0318/1224292507761.html

    FROM JONATHAN COOK, THE NATIONAL, 03/23/11: …During an official visit to Israel last week the Ukrainian prime minister, Mykola Azarov, said the circumstances around Mr Abu Sisi’s disappearance were still confusing.
    “We don’t have clear information right now… I don’t want to imagine that such things are carried out on the soil of a friendly state,” the prime minister said in an interview with the Israeli daily Haaretz…
    SOURCE – http://www.thenational.ae/news/worldwide/middle-east/israel-admits-kidnapping-operations-manager-of-gazas-only-power-plant

  3. Ukraine “denied that they had any knowledge of how he was kidnapped”. Not THAT he was kidnapped, nor THAT he was kidnapped inside Ukraine.

    OK. Got that. Now why don’t they demand his immediate return? This was a violation of Ukrainian law (assuming they have a law against kidnapping) and against its extradition treaty (assuming there is one at all and assuming that it calls for some sort of judicial process).

    RS: Please forward this comment to Ukraine.

  4. Mr. Sisi was abducted because he was a human rights activist who left for the Ukraine to develop a high tech start-up. Israelis do that on a regular basis, as they fear competition. When asked why he was in the Ukraine Mr. Sisi stated that they have great computer programmers and his intention was to bring down the Israeli =High tech industry to its knees. Mr. Sisi stated ” In Gaza I ran a power plant and in the Ukraine I was planning to create the next silicon valley”.

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