9 thoughts on “Palestine Papers: PA Collaborated With Israel to Kill Fatah Militants – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. “war is an expression of politics by other means” said Carl von Clausewitz, sometimes when you reach a dead end, there is no other way.
    The Fatah cooperate with Israel, because they do not want the radical components to take over, they know that will lead no where.

    1. Pure BS. Fatah collaborates (not cooperates) with Israel because they don’t give a rap about the Palestinian people and their rights, they profit from it personally in a variety of ways, and they always have.

    1. Israel may be the source of the leaks as well.
      after the document were revealed no one can play games any longer,and either Abu-Mazen can passan agreement or he can’t. such an agreement will be approved by the Israeli parliament.
      and Richard just FYI Livin was speaking about 4 villages which the border crosses in the middle, Israel is doing the same thing with the northern village of Ragar, with the support of the UN.

      1. Good to see that some things never change. You are still spewing the same processed bull food on these pages as you always have.

      1. “He’s a brute not a diplomat”
        Does not necessarily contradict. Re. Lieberman, the godfather of Israeli diplomacy 🙂

  2. The Palestine Papers shows the extent of the contempt the PLO and Fatah leadership have for the people. Arafat their hero was nothing but a fraud and a lie. He did not sign Oslo as a first step toward ending the Israeli Occupation but a way to legitimize the Israeli Occupation and as a way to save his ass and his organization after he sided with his buddy Saddam. The PLO became the civil and security contractor for the Israeli Occupation and relieved Israel of all if its financial obligation shifting the burden of funding the occupation from Israel to the US, EU and the Gulf countries. Israel is not interested in peace and Palestinians not interested in ending the Occupation.. both Israelis and Palestinians are caught in between. Both Israeli and Palestinian leaderships are simply unfit and unqualified to deliver peace to their own people.

    1. Bravo `aleyk ya Sami! Everything you said is right on. Oslo was nothing more than a cruel device to give the Palestinians hope while buyng the Israelis more time to establish facts on the ground that would make a Palestinian state impossible. Some of us saw that clearly at the time, others of us figured it out later, but it is a fact.

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