15 thoughts on “Shiloh Settlers to Rabbi Ascherman: ‘You Destroy Jewish People’ – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I was very saddened to see this video. Rabbi Ascherman is a kind, wonderful man not given to polemics. The future of a democratic Israel is in the hands of principled people like him.

    Richard, no AK-47s are used, certainly not in any significant number, by any settler group or individuals.

      1. Richard, Settlers are getting their weapons from the IDF.
        the IDF doesn’t operate AK-47’s (only in very small numbers within a very special unit) hence settlers are not equipped with AK47’s. one of the reasons is logistics, the other is identification, settlers are equipped with whatever the IDF operates usually the galil and it’s variants and the M16 and its variants

        1. You’re wrong. Settlers have AK-47s. I’ve seen pictures of them. Readers here have confirmed it. They don’t just get AK-47s fr. the IDF I guess. There are other sources. I know for a fact that settler groups here fund weapons purchases for settlers. That may be where the funding comes fr. to buy other munitions. They may be captured by the IDF on the battlefield fr. Palestinian militants or fr. other sources. I’m not denying they don’t have regular IDF munitions. Of course they do.

          Read this comment thread which puts your denials to rest. And let’s move on.

          Next time, instead of making sweeping generalizations check Google images where you’ll find evidence for what I wrote.

          1. Richard, I am not wrong.
            obviously you have no idea how things work around here.
            all the settlers are getting their assault rifles from the IDF, no one in Israel can buy assault rifles, they are simply not being sold, You can buy an hand gun.
            All the assault rifles settlers have comes from the IDF period, unless it’s a private handgun. no one can buy ammunition for an assault rifle on the private market.
            i searched google images, and would like you to provide a link to an image, i didn’t find any.

          2. You didn’t read the link to the comment thread which offered Israelis who’ve seen settlers w. AK-47s. The Google Image search was specifically for the term “AK-47” & I presume there would be one in the picture otherwise there would be no reason to include it in the identifying info for the images.

            Settlers who have AK-47s clearly get their ammunition somewhere & aren’t carrying the gun for the look of it. So perhaps it’s you who doesn’t know as much as you think you know.

  2. I hate to be a nudnik but there’s nothing in that comment thread that demonstrates that settlers have AK-47s. The photos all showed settlers with M-16s. I see settlers all the time and the only time I see AK-47s are in the hands of Palestinian security forces. I mean, feel free to make references to settlers armed with AK-47s if you like, I have no idea why you want to do that, it just makes no sense from the perspective of people who live here.

    1. Have you lost yr mind or yr memory? Here is what YOU wrote in that thread (or was it published by yr evil twin or someone who stole yr online ID:

      I saw a settler with an AK-47 about 3 years ago.

      And have all of you not noticed these images which Kalea found of settlers brandishing AK-47s here and here? Look, if you want to be stubborn, opinionated & downright annoying, be my guest. But put this subject to rest for God’s sake. You ain’t gonna win. We had this debate already & I can’t stand arguing over the same subject twice.

      1. Richard, Apparently you are being the stubborn one in this case.
        the picture you claim show a settler with an AK-47 and found by kalea are actually of a settler carrying an M16.
        one carry the long version and the other carry the collapsible butt stock version.
        Settlers do not have AK-47, part of the reason is to be able to distinguish between them and Palestinian Security forces.
        PEA state he saw a settler, i have no idea what he saw but if he saw a single settler its very well possible that he had a special permit and a single weapon that was taken during one of the wars Israel had.

        1. What the hell does all of this matter!? These aren’t AK-47’s. They’re M-16’s, that I can tell you for sure. But who cares? One weapon or another, they’re all the same.

    2. ak-47
      An ad for AK-47s offered through an Israeli arms supplier.

      YOU said you’ve seen settlers carrying AK-47s. You said it. You made the reference to it. I posted the link for you to your own words. Now, the next comment you make on this subject will be your last. I’m tired of being polite.

      1. Richard,
        it really doesn’t matter, but look at the fine print,
        they do not offer the AK itself, they offer an upgrade package that includes:
        Pistol Grip
        Polymer Rail System
        Folding Stock
        Magazine Coupler
        Express Mail (2 -3 days)

        Just FYI, an AK47 cost about $800 in the US, since their website is directed for export (prices are in USD, which is a violation of the law if they were intended to sell in Israel) there is no way in the world they would sell an AK for half the market price.

        1. Clearly, an Israeli exporter has access to all the AK-47s he wants or needs and he has access to them in Israel as this is where his business is located. Ergo, if an Israeli weapons dealer has access to them Israeli settlers do as well.

          I didn’t label the weapon offered an AK-47. The dealer did. Take it up w him.

          If you post again on this subject you’ll be moderated.

          1. There are two different weapon pictures on the previously showed israeli weapons site. The above is regular Vz. 58 is a 7.62mm assault rifle designed and manufactured in Czechoslovakia and the lower modified Vz. The vz. 58 externally resembles the Soviet AK-47 but is internally a completely different design based on a short-stroke gas piston. The Vz. is the one sold on the site.

            However they also sell SA Vz. 58 & AK-47 Accessories (lower picture also SA Vz. 58 ), magazines, pistol grips etc. No other non israeli assault rifle except SA Vz. 58 is sold on the site. if you count only the pistol grip, polymer rail system, folding ar 15 and magazine coupler, the combined price without discount is over 400 $. All prices are on the same page.

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