2 thoughts on “Jack Teitel, Jewish Terrorist, Doing God’s Work – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Rabbi Shapira, for all I know or care, may well picture goyim babies with cloven hooves (and the prerequisite horns – or is that exclusive Christian imagery?), but it would be a bit far fetched to assume he imagines them chewing the cud, so no eating babies for him.

    Your comparison with Swift is rather insulting though. The “Modest Proposal” was trenchant and bitter satire, its author one of the Good Guys. The Teitels and Shapiras are rather like the targets of Swift’s scorn.

  2. And where is Yaccov? No comment?

    Where are all those who proclaim, and exclaim, that Israel is the defender of the all the Jews in the world, and requires not only steadfast defense, even to the US taking on other nations in war, but the ability to track down and kill, extra-judicially, anyone, anywhere.

    Where now the defenders of political assassination?

    Marshalling, without doubt, their next line of attack, new PR, and/or a handy-dandy diversion of suitably awe-inspiring dimensions.

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