8 thoughts on “Dan Schueftan: Senior Israeli Arab Analyst, Confidant of Generals and Prime Ministers, and Arab Hater – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Wow what a person, imagine some western or arab academic and adviser expressing publicly such views of Jews and Israel. Schueftan would be among the first to shout anti-Semitism.

    If Dan Schueftan (picture above) would have dark hair and so dark moustache, who would be the first association of historical figures to come in mind? Surely his views and tendency of joking resemble those of Adolf.

    Sometimes reading such Israeli / pro-Israeli megalomaniac opinions like Schueftan’s one can’t wonder do they really understand the size of the Jewish nation (in Israel and abroad). In the world are more Mormons than there are Jews. Israel is “big” only so long the west allows it to be. In it self Israel has no “capacity” to remain “big”, influential and in the end developed. During the end of the oil era the Arab and Muslim nations will become much more influential and developed than Israel ever could be. With advisers and academics like Schueftan Israel has no hope and this Israel’s “carrier” will be as short as the previous Israels was.

    By the way somebody should correct Schueftan Iraqis use mostly 7.62 mm bullets.

  2. So he doesn’t mind making politically incorrect “jokes”. Strange then that not one such joke at the cost of Israelis or jews made the list.

  3. It is strange that people like him seem to have the illusion that by coming up with ‘politically incorrect’ pub talk they somehow qualify as free spirits – whereas in reality they have only changed fashionable dress for dirty rags.

  4. Dear me. What a delightful gent! I do rather like the cut of his jib! Oxford? King’s College? No, Cambridge methinks! Yes, I’m certain of it! Jolly good chap, that Dan!

    RE: “Nothing disgusts me more than political correctness.” – Schueftan

    MY COMMENT: OMG! Ann Coulter is in reality Dan Schueftan in drag! I just knew “her” Adam’s apple was way too damn big for a real woman. So “she” has been hiding her ‘candy’ all this time like ‘The Lady Chablis’ in “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil”. I suspected as much! In any case, “she” would be well advised to seek some lessons in deportment from the likes of Savannah’s über-refined ‘Lady Chablis’.

    P.S. I think Schueftan-Coulter and Boogie would make a smashing couple (or two)! Vive la différence!

        1. RE: perhaps Dan Schueftan is just an über-refined version of Marty “Macho Man” Peretz

          SEE ALSO: “The New Republic: I can’t believe it’s not StormFront”, By Lindsay Beyerstein @ Majikthise, March 25, 2009

          Where would you guess this litany of offensive anti-Mexican stereotypes originated? StormFront? The Weekly Standard?

          “Well, I am extremely pessimistic about Mexican-American relations, not because the U.S. had done anything specifically wrong to our southern neighbor but because a (now not quite so) wealthy country has as its abutter a Latin society with all of its characteristic deficiencies: congenital corruption, authoritarian government, anarchic politics, near-tropical work habits, stifling social mores, Catholic dogma with the usual unacknowledged compromises, an anarchic counter-culture and increasingly violent modes of conflict. Then, there is the Mexican diaspora in America, hard-working and patriotic but mired in its untold numbers of illegals, about whom no one can talk with candor.” [The Spine]

          Actually, it was Marty Peretz the publisher of the New Republic, writing on TNR’s blog yesterday. What an embarrassment he is.

          SOURCE – http://majikthise.typepad.com/majikthise_/2009/03/the-new-republic-i-cant-believe-its-not-stormfront.html

          P.S. HUBRIS = Drunk on Power (the nation-state equivalent of a “drunkard”)
          HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN* = ??????
          * Feel free to substitute ‘son’ for ‘sun’, if it strikes yer fancy!

          1. RE: “untold numbers of illegals, about whom no one can talk with candor” – Marty “Macho Man” Peretz

            CONSIDER: “Nothing disgusts me more than political correctness.” – Dan “Macho Man” Schueftan

            ALSO: “If you want to be a hero in the Arab world you have to get fucked. I am prepared to make a personal contribution.” – Dan “Macho Man” Schueftan

            REITERATION: “Message: do not f^^k with the Jews.” – Marty “Macho Man” Peretz

            QUERY: Are these two (three if you include the ‘Coultergeist’) sick f^^kers, or what? The term ‘cur’ comes to mind (in addition to plethora of clinical psychiatric terms).

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