13 thoughts on “Ezra Nawi Railroaded, 30 Day Sentence – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. This is sad.

    Richard I believe your were led astray by one of the talkbacks on YNet. The fine is not $200,0000—that would not have withstood any logic or appeal. It’s just a couple thousands NIS. Not a big deal really and should be covered by all the support he’s getting. The worst thing for Ezra, besides the incarcaration for a month, is that he is not allowed to “assemble” after that, as long as he is under his conditional parole.

    1. It is sad, and it makes a mockery of Israel’s incessant vociferous claims to be such a great example of democracy and decency.

    2. Thanks for the correction which I’ve noted in the post. I think Haaretz or Ynet posted that amt. in an article. An Israeli source tells me he’s refusing to pay the fine & so will serve a longer sentence. Injustice heaped on injustice.

  2. It makes me feel kind of proud that this guy has his roots in Iraq. It also reminds me what a huge loss it was when Iraq lost its Jewish community.

    1. I’ve just started reading Sami Michael’s latest novel, “Aida” – the story of “Baghdad’s last Jew”. Michael himself is, of course, another great son of that remarkable and most ancient of Jewish communities.

      1. Yes, Sami Michael is a true Iraqi who was born and raised in Baghdad and later emigrated to Israel. There is no way to overestimate the importance of the Jews to Iraqi society. They predated the Arabs by many centuries, and they thrived there, and contributed enormously to the intellectual, cultural, professional, and economic life.

  3. Just think of all those cases where Israeli soldiers have abuse or killed Palestinians. Yesh Din has done studies on this. IDF soldiers get away with all kinds of crimes. Israeli is not a democracy and there is no kind of justice for non-Jews in Israel and the OT.

  4. As an outsider, I would like to say that it it heartening to hear of people of courage and principle such as Ezra.

  5. [Comment deleted: I don’t publish lies here or bloviation, whether by Ezra Nawi or you. Try it again & you’re toast.]

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