9 thoughts on “McCain, Goldberg Join Ranks of Iran Realists – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I’ve moved to the belief that the Iranian government is not so much a messianic apocalyptic cult, as Netanyahu described it to me, but an oppressive military regime…

    oppressive military regime??? Oppressive maybe, but certainly not military or militaristic. Iran uses and has used for a long time to military expenditures the smallest share of GDP in the region. Iran has about 80 old fighter planes, 1000 outdated tanks, 3 frigates, 3 submarines. Basically nothing compared to the military equipment Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Israel have. One doesn’t have to be professional high ranking soldier to make the conclusion that Iran simply has no means to invade neighbouring countries, not to mention a country over 1000 kilometres away. One can’t really with logical reasoning call a country which has used so little to its army and has so little equipment a military regime. Israel’s regime can with far better arguments be called a military regime. And an aggressive regime.

    It is asthonishing how these US and Israeli “intellectual giants” feed us constantly with the propaganda that when Israel has neutralized Iran’s nuclear ambitions with (nuclear) bombs everything is OK. Israel’s existing thermonuclear capacities are to Arab countries, Turkey and Europe a bigger existential threat than Iran now is or in the next 10-20 years will be. Eventually Arab countries, Iran and Turkey have to find a way to neutralize Israel’s nuclear deterrence and military domination which it causes. If Israel refuses to disarm its nuclear weapons they need and will create own nukes. Attacking Iran will surely only accelerate the arms race and increase Arab efforts.

    1. I think this was just a sloppy locution (or perhaps deliberately sloppy) on Goldberg’s part and that he meant to refer to the Basij/Revolutionary Guards who intervene in civilian life in obtrusive, violent, militaristic ways as evidenced by the response to the June elections.

  2. I have not been in the region since 2002, but when I was selling equipment to governments and businesses in N. Africa and the ME, I always had the impression that officials tole US government personnel that they feared Iranian nuclear ambitions because Americans wanted to hear it.

    The idea of a united front among Arab countries, the US and Israel against Iran is a pipe dream.

  3. Hey, this comment section started miraculously to work for me again (error messages for weeks on end previously)!!

    SimoHurtta has it spot on. Couldn’t have put it better myself. His list of Iranian weaponry has gone into my file on Iran. Thanks for that!

  4. Yeah, this highlights how radical & extreme the war on Iran crowd is when you see these two back off, at least momentarily, from the fomenting of hysteria. One, a demented boob who previously invoked the slaughter of Persians to the tune & lyric of the Beach Boys, and the other, an Israeli-‘American’ IDF-serving war hawk who is probably the most mediocre & insipid of all our foreign affairs commentators (excepting the far-right Commentary & National Review crowd).

    Why are these people even listened to, or taken seriously? Okay I sort of get it, though not really, with McCain and his story, but come on, he’s no Eisenhower. Wow, Eisenhower, Franklin Roosevelt!, to even think of real American leaders like those two in today’s bought and paid for America, it’s like entering some dream-like parallel universe.

    Perhaps there’s some big cosmic vaccuum hovering overhead sucking up the brains and soul of this country. At least half of my friends within a 2-mile radius of me have more intelligence and geo-political depth and insight than those two schmucks (Goldberg & McCain). Rome is burning, here. We’re so far gone as a nation that we rejoice (myself included) when two radical warmongers join the ranks of the ‘realists’ for a moment. This is sad.

    And what’s even more sad is there are a whole lot of keenly intelligent and sensitive Americans across the length and breadth of this land who would so much better serve their fellow Americans in commentary and analysis than the boobs who populate our main news, politics and culture journals, and U.S. senate. Talk about having the wrong people at the helm, both in influence and positions of leadership (referring to McCain here, not Obama).

  5. P.S.—I need to find another adjective other than ‘boob’, which is kind of lame. People will think I’m anti-breast, which isn’t true. In fact, breasts are quite nice (better on women than men, imho).

  6. Warren:

    Well said. As a European I could start lecturing about how we have less of those boobs in power. Sadly, this is only marginally true. If there is ‘some big cosmic vacuum hovering overhead sucking up the brains and soul’, it clearly extends across the pond!

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