4 thoughts on “Barak: Nuclear Iran No Existential Threat to Israel – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I’d say it’s one of the clearest signs yet that Israel intends to attack Iran. When the rhetoric is more belligerent, it’s a sign that Israel is holding off. It’s an old trick – lull the enemy into a false sense of security.

    1. Anyone who plays tennis (or watches avidly enough) is familiar with the tactics – produce the body language that spells a soft ball, which has the opponent instinctively relaxing, if only momentarily. Then strike as hard as possible. If the timing is just right, the surprise element can do the trick – and at the very least produce what looks like an unforced error, that is anything but.

      Barak et al know the world – and the US – are currently primed for an unprovoked attack by Israel – and got their responses at the ready. As is Iran. With the arsenals of potential counter rebuke all stocked up, the smart move – (that is, smart by Israel’s warped psychology where non jewish casualties count for nothing at all) is to pretend to lay down their arms, prompting a major sigh of relief the world over. Then at the most opportune time mount the death strike.

      Sy Hirsh must be laughing a jolly belly-full.

  2. RE: “He [Barak] said, according to the N.Y. Times report, even if Iran gained nuclear weapons it would not be an existential threat to Israel”

    YES, BUT SEE: “Iran attack: Israel ex-min sees end-yr deadline”, By William Maclean, Reuters, 09/16/09

    [EXCERPT] LONDON (Reuters) – Israel will be compelled to attack Iran’s nuclear sites if Western powers cannot agree crippling sanctions against Tehran by the end of the year, a former Israeli deputy defense minister said on Wednesday. Ephraim Sneh, who holds no position in the current Israeli government and was speaking in his personal capacity…

    …Sneh said Israel had many reasons to block the emergence of a nuclear weapons-capable Iran, because in that event

    — Immigration to Israel would stop.

    — More able young men and women would emigrate to pursue their future in places seen as more secure.

    — Investment in Israel would be reduced.

    — Decision-making by the cabinet would be hostage to the fear ofIranian nuclear retaliation. The processes of government would thereby be “substantially distorted.”

    — Extremist forces in the Middle East would be empowered.

    — Iran would pressure moderate forces in the region to toughen their positions in contacts or negotiations with Israel, for example in discussions over Jerusalem or the Golan Heights

    — Saudi Arabia and Egypt would seek to obtain nuclear weapons themselves, bringing about a Middle East “fully loaded with nuclear weapons.”

    ENTIRE ARTICLE – http://www.reuters.com/article/GCA-Iran/idUSTRE58F2WG20090916

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