12 thoughts on “From the Annals of Pro-Israel PR Flackery – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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      1. Neither knee-jerk. know-nothing, nor propagandistic. It’s called sarcasm. This is obviously a form e-mail, and I was imagining what a polite form letter to people whose blogs you are definitely not a fan of might look like. It’s not the funniest or most “informative” message in the world, but I thought it was cute. Maybe sarcasm doesn’t come through well in this medium, or maybe you have too much to read, but geez, you could have given me the benefit of the doubt. Apology accepted.

        1. I found it cute, and obviously a parody of the intellectual dishonesty which fuels NGO Monitor rather than any slight at Richard. Granted, particularly considering the influx of frothing lunatics dropping by to slander Richard recently, I also understand how the joke was misconstrued.

        2. This blog’s comment threads can be a pretty charged atmosphere. When you drop in sarcasm like this w/o providing any reference pt. for understanding what your underlying pt is then it can & will be construed as hostile. Actually, it should be you who apologizes for the obscurity of yr comment. You won’t be receiving any apology fr. me so don’t bother accepting something that isn’t offered.

          1. Whoa. Back up there a minute. I actually AM a fan of your blog. I do NOT think you are the things I placed in Monitor’s mouth. The form e-mail I was referring to is MONITOR’S form e-mail, which you were obviously sent, not something I send around. I understand your sensitivity, but this is all a misunderstanding. I am a well-known AL-SHJ myself. Ask anyone. Really. I will not make any more lame jokes on sensitive topics. I will not make any more lame jokes on sensitive topics. I will not make any more lame jokes on sensitive topics …

          2. I’m sorry and now I do apologize–profusely. It’s sometimes too easy to jump to conclusions that are unwarranted. Pardon me for doing so. Thanks for explaining yrself and yr intent.

          3. About “apology accepted”. Again I was trying to be lighthearted. I really will try to work on that. And you are right. My comment could have done with more explanation. My humblest apologies and utmost respect for the work you do.

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