3 thoughts on “Israeli Human Rights NGOs Endorse Mary Robinson for Medal of Freedom – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Robinson was and is a tireless advocate for human rights. Her critic, John Bolton, is a tireless advocate for John Bolton. The former is an admired and respected champion for women, throughout the world. The latter, a man who failed to get where he so desperately wanted to go and is now reduced to denigrating those who did. Perhaps such failures should be tied up in a plastic bag and hung from the Statue of Liberty to remind us that we have only a finite time here on earth and those who use theirs to merely to enhance themselves are just that – a white mustache hiding a right-wing, empty space.

    Mazeltov Mary Robinson! You earned your honor.

  2. I wish that there was an open debate with facts given by both sides. regarding whether Robinson is a hero or a dangerous supporter of terrorism. Allegedly Robinson has made anti-semitic remarks, according to some, yet the quotes are never seen. Allegedly she has contributed to money that has gone to terroristic groups, which is frightening, but it is never substantiated. On the other hand, it was never explained what Mary Robinson did to earn the medal. I know, I should find Obama’s speech which would enlighten me. Still, just hearing conclusionary comments by both sides is frustrated to someone who wants to be spoon fed.

    1. Mary Robinson was the first woman president of Ireland. She was a senior UN official whose job was to protect the interests of refugees around the world. She is a brave and noble woman. I have never read a single anti-Semitic or anti-Israel word out of her. Has she been critical of Israeli policies? Yes. Does that make her a Jew-hater or even anti-Israel? No.

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