5 thoughts on “Dennis Ross: He Got Game – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Richard, when I sent you this piece last night, my comment was that it was a success for the Lobby. We now know who’s running our Middle East policies. Obama is not in charge. You seem to think it is a ploy by Obama to control Ross. I think your confidence in Obama’s intelligence is misplaced. He is not in control, rather it is the Lobby. I think all this just goes to prove the Walt & Meersheimer thesis in their book.

    Start judging Obama by his deeds and actions, not his smooth rhetoric.

  2. You have the exact same interpretation that I have Richard. Remember, the first story that Haaretz wrote on this and then changed in the middles of the night was, “Dennis Ross ousted as Iran envoy: Is it because he was a Jew?” The source for the Haaretz story was Ross himself. Ross was kicked over to the White House to appease the Lobby and it serves Obama’s purposes to let Ross go around bragging on himself to save face. That is all.

  3. oh god i hope Obama keeps him away from anything important. my fingers are crossed that this is a nominal position to keep the “anti-semitism” yellers at bay.

    and i can’t believe all that bogus speculation about him being moved from his old position because he’s a religious jew!!! as if his close ties to AIPAC couldn’t be a factor!!! i hate those smear campaigns – like Iran is full of rabid anti-semites.

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