13 thoughts on “Iran’s Presidential Farce: ‘Death to the Dictator’ – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. “Israel has to be delighted with this outcome. One of the techniques of suppression which it learned from imperial Britain is divide and conquer. But Israel has taken things one step better by devising ways to demoralize and defang its opponents. A bitter, divided Iran led by a deranged authoritarian ruler who retained power through a virtual coup d’etat couldn’t fit Israel’s desired scenario better.”

    Are you suggesting that Israel bears some responsibility for what has happened?

    1. Only in the sense that Bibi’s bellicosity plays directly into Ahmadinejad’s hands. But not in any direct sense. But I’ll tell you–if Israel attacks Iran there will be Ahmadinejads of one sort or another in power there for the next generation. Of that you can be sure. A reformist won’t be elected till I’m dead and buried if then.

    2. Alex Stein, why so dense?

      Do you not understand the concept of divide on conquer?

      Making peace with Egypt was no doubt a strategic move NOT a moral one. OBVIOUSLY, since Israel knowingly embarked on the Occupation and understood what would follow (or understood not to know or care what would happen).

      1. Oh and that does NOT imply that Israel was involved. More like they are happy with this result.

        All the Jewish Zionist advocacy groups will be thrilled that they can sell their Holocaust II wolf-cry to the sheep in this country.

  2. What a mess! Of course our good friend (and partner in torture) Egypt isn’t any more of a democracy than post -coup Iran.
    My recommendation: buy oil futures! BUY! BUY! BUY! What a disappointment. I’m really worried.

  3. “TIMES ON LINE” (U.K.)

    FROM THE ‘PRINCE OF DARKNESS’:(excerpt)…Richard Perle, a neoconserva-tive and former Pentagon adviser, said Obama must share the blame for Ahmadinejad’s power grab. “Normally, when you unclench your fist it benefits the hardliners, because Obama appeared to be saying we can do business with you even with your present policies.”

    FRANK GAFFNEY: “It underscores the folly of the president’s basic premise that the problem we have with bad actors around the world is that they don’t understand us,” said Frank Gaffney, of the Center for Security Policy, a conservative think tank. “These people are thugs and they have been emboldened by our weakness.”

    SOURCE – http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/world/middle_east/article6493623.ece#cid=OTC-RSS&attr=797093

  4. Here is a good analysis which quickly brings down the level of adrenaline. Has anyone noticed that now Iran sponsored 911? Take care people. Propaganda will be raised to a earsplitting level. This time a bit more professional

    Look Richard, I find this argument insulting:
    Ahmadinejad won even in his opponent’s hometowns for Pete’s sake! .

    Why should I vote for a president that is born in my hometown. What odd criterion is this? Is this only true for Iran, Persia and the Arab world or a general rule?

    After I was highly confused about what felt absolutlely contradictory, I found this analysis very calming fromTosk59

    The ‘theft’ of Iranian elections

    1. In the U.S. & most other countries in the world (perhaps even yrs) candidates usually do extremely well in their native birthplace constituencies. The fact that Ahmadinejad won not only in ONE birthplace of one of his opponents but in every one is riduculous. If you add to that that Ahmadinejad won even in the Turkic-Azeri region of northern Iran where he is despised AND where Moussavi hails from seals the deal. The election was rigged & the results cooked. You can protest all you want & whitewash the results but you’re only an apologist & divorced fr reality if you do.

  5. Richard, are you pushing the Ahmedinejad-wants-Israel-to-be-erased-off-the-map line?

    I don’t like the guy. He is a Holocaust denier most likely but for altogether different reasons. Arab anti-Jewish hate is of a totally different nature – especially today.

    Moreover, he says a lot of true things about the ME and Israel and the US.

    The Iranian election might have been rigged. It’s crazy how he won in areas that are not ethnically in sync w/ him.

    However, with regards to Israel. Yes, the Jewish State SHOULD cease to exist. As should Islamic States. Any State that discriminates based on race or religion. Moreover, the Palestinians don’t have to give up ANY of their rights to satisfy the collective wet dream of Zionist Jewry in getting their perfect Jewish oasis.

    You do recall, that Arabs were the majority? That there was an ethnic cleansing? That you couldn’t have the Jewish State with all those non-Jews?

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