3 thoughts on “Jane Harman Hires Lanny Davis to Fight Political Fires – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Mr. Silverstein – this analysis is not alarmist, this is how intelligence agencies operate throughout this modern world.

    There is no navigating this, IF she wanted to keep her job.

    This is spot on.

  2. Philby was an idealist. I doubt Harman is an idealist.

    Graham Greene knew Philby rather well, based one of his novels on him, _The Human Factor_. I recommend it.

    Zhu Bajie

  3. Davis’ strategy will be to blame Porter Goss for Harman’s troubles, claiming that he’s had it in for Harman since she leaked a House intelligence committee report that angered the Republican majority. It would be a deft stroke on Davis’ part, since it would turn a scandal that highlights Jane Harman as a national security risk under the sway of a foreign government; and turn it into a petty partisan political feud.

    It should be noted that this misdirection hinged on the early acceptance of the notion that Harman was a victim of illegitimate surveillance, when there isn’t evidence that is the case. Warrantless wiretapping shouldn’t be a partisan issue, but in fact views on it do align closely to political viewpoint and even party affiliation. The warrantless wiretapping program is known to most people as a Bush program, even though it should be known as a Bush-Harman-Rockefeller program. Getting herself accepted as a victim of illegitimate Bush wiretapping by a forgetful or ignorant minority of Democrats was essential preparation for Harman to then pin the leak on Porter Goss as we are seeing we see now, completing the partisan prestidigitation and saving herself within the party, thus saving her career. Not that it was ever really in jeopardy. much as it should have been.

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