5 thoughts on “IDF Soldier Killed Palestinian With ‘Unauthorized’ Fire – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Several hundred left-wing demonstrators… This is becoming familiar: people who don’t support the actions of Israel are all left-wing or, more bluntly, Communists. Labels – so handy, use requires no thought nor does understanding.

  2. “…IDF officials who investigated the incident found the Armored Corps soldier who fired the canister apparently aimed directly at Abu Rahmeh from a distance of a mere few dozen meters.” This sort of minimal statement – it would have proven hard to claim that he was hit in the back – is also likely to be a maximal statement. The officer who killed Iman al Hams at close range in 2004 was cleared from any charge and there are scores of other examples of impunity for I”D”F killers. Although this paper generally express a realistic view of the deep racist scorn animating the zionist military, the contention that when captured on video and watched by the world on youTube, IDF personnel may be held accountable for their misdeed is likely overoptimistic.

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