6 thoughts on “Obama in Ankara: ‘U.S. is Not, and Will Never Be at War with Islam’ – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. What an experience, to look at a headline detailing a statement by one’s president, and say: Yes.

    Yes, I’m behind that statement one hundred per cent.

    I’m behind, and represented, by that man.

    Omens avert all harm.

  2. You’re an inspiring writer and communicator of the issues you discuss Mr. Silverstein. This serves as a welcome counter-point to the various other Obama initiatives (e.g., the surge in Afghanistan) that are being questioned at present.

  3. No doubt Obama has excellent speech-writers and deliver the product convincingly. But alas , that does not make him a great president. So far it’s been all rhetoric and little else.
    * Continuation of torture program
    * Reluctance to punish war criminals in Bush regime
    * Surge in AfPak.
    * Amputation of Health care reform.
    * Turncoating the labor unions
    * Bail out of Wall Street
    * Increase in defense spending
    * Passivity in climate change

    So far it’s been just words, and very little substance. And not even a word when Gaza was bombed.
    I too had high hopes when Obama was elected, but as time passes I’ve become less and less panegyrical. So until he starts delivering on his words I go easy on the laurel.

    1. This is certainly an overstated set of claims against Obama.

      not even a word when Gaza was bombed

      If you haven’t read Seymour Hersh’s latest New Yorker piece in which he writes that Obama essentially forced the end of the Gaza war before his Inauguration, then you should. Then you’d realize that the above statement is equally uncharitable & probably inaccurate.

      1. @Richard
        You are referring to his article Syria Calling ? ?

        Hardly a “paradigm shift” in US policy. Israel was running out of targets to bomb and the world running out of patience with the Israelis.
        If Obama felt empathy with the Gazans he should have spoken up earlier and more forcefully.
        Seymour Hersh is one of, if not the best reporters in Washington. And he seem to have faith in Obamas plan for ME so Ill give you this one ,even thou I find it too little too late myself.

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