10 thoughts on “Ben Zion Netanyahu: Israeli Arab Goal ‘To Exterminate Us’ – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. “Given the importance of this story and the fact that no other English-language news source is yet reporting it aside from Noam and myself…” Well, I posted a few choice quotes from the interview in a comment yesterday in response to (what I and many other posters felt to be) an anti-Arab CiF piece by Lyn Julius: ‘The myth of the Mizrahim.’ She stated:

    “Let’s face it – not all Arabic culture was worth keeping. Some aspects of Arabic culture were best jettisoned: the corruption, the extortion, the lack of democracy. But critical thinking, education and transparency were western values that Israel was eager to get Mizrahim to espouse. And rightly so.”

    I posted the Professor’s statements asking if it was the kind of critical thinking, education and transparency that Israel was eager to get Mizrahim to espouse? I guess it didn’t go down well as I checked today and it turns out CiF has removed my comment!

    The article can be found here:

    Richard, I hope you get to write a CiF piece about this. If you don’t, my mission is to bring CiF posters here at every opportunity so they can see Netanyahu exactly for what he is.

    1. I’ve submitted this to The Nation, which hasn’t replied. I already have another piece in the works at CiF so I don’t know if they’ll accept a new piece fr. me so close on the heels of that one. But I will keep trying.

  2. So unfortunate Richard really. The censorship is increasing and it doesn’t bode well for anyone. I post your writings all the time. I get alot of questions about who you are, I always refer them to this site, everyone has been awed by your tenacity and razor sharp commentary, thank you for all your work.

    1. I do publish full posts & substantial material by other writers here & pointed that out to Google News. But I don’t have full co-authors as Phil does in Adam Horowitz. So I can’t legitimately claim this is a multi author blog which is what Google News wants (in addition to an “organization” whatever that means).

  3. Dan Sisken beat me to it. Google News has a stupid policy and it should be changed, but until or unless that happens, maybe you should find a partner. This is a great blog–for instance, you did that piece recently taking apart the NYT story by Bronner that gave far too much credence to the IDF’s whitewash of its own conduct in Gaza.

  4. Forgot to finish my thought–I went on a tangent, erased it and then forgot to say that posts like the one you did on Ethan Bronner’s story deserve a wide audience.

  5. I wonder about a multi-blog site, with some type of centralization for donations. Mark Elf has been unemployed (levi9909 at jewssansfromtieres.blogspot.com; mondoweiss.com is calling for contributions for further investigative reports.

    People like Goldberg are supported through their affiliation with pro-Israel sites. We also are going to have to be willing to invest in the press/net, if we are to have free access for our views, which aren’t supported by existing grass roots beyond individual blogs.

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