7 thoughts on “Czar Lieberman – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. If it makes you feel any better, the general feeling in what you would consider the “Far Right” is that Lieberman is already planning to make his move as the next Sharon, i.e. he will suddenly discover the justice of the Left’s positions and he will deliver 14 of his party’s 15 votes to support major concessions to the Palestinians (I say 14 because the 15’th, Uzi Landau, left the Likud because of what Sharon did to Gush Katif and I presume he would object to any parallel move by Lieberman). Sharon had similar charateristics such as corrupt personality, flip-flopping on major issues, dynastic pretensions (recall his son Omri was in the Knesset when Papa was PM), autocratic nature, etc. Thus, you may well be pleasantly surprised by Lieberman.

    1. It’s amazing what evidence you “can’t find” when you really put your mind to not finding it. Do you really think the IDF has any credibility in investigating itself, not to mention that J.Post is one of the IDF’s biggest boosters (aside from Maariv & other rightist publications). If you compare the investigative work Haaretz has done on IDF actions in Gaza to what J.Post has done, it’s simply pathetic. J.Post is excellent at churning out IDF press releases in the guise of objective journalism.

  2. Zev Jabotinsky (Vladimir Yevgenyevich Zhabotinsky), Golda Meir (Golda Mabovitch), and Menahem Ussishkin (among others) were all Russians who are key Zionist figures. Calling him “Yevgeny” doesn’t change that. In fact, being called “Richard” would be very awkward in Israel. Most people who come here have Hebrew names. Anatoly Borisovich Shcharansky included (Natan Sharansky)!

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