7 thoughts on “Family of Injured American Activist Demands Israeli Investigation – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Maybe a worn-out comparison, but I remember my mother telling me that she used to wait for a patrol squad of german soldiers on her way home from work during the black-out in wartime Oslo. She felt safer in their company.
    How can the leaders of IDF and Israel fail to see the effect of these gross violations on the american and european public opinion.

  2. Ma’an News is an independent news source in the West Bank, and can be kind of sloppy. I think they may have mixed two news reports together. If you look at the mainstream press accounts of the parents’ news conference, there’s no mention of any disturbance, and you’ll see the parents are speaking somewhere indoors in the photos. Yet the Maan report said they were in a tent. Dr. Barghouthi appears to be reacting to Maan’s report.

  3. someone needs to trace jsut what the US is funding. we believe the white phosphorus bombs 9also illegal under international law) that israel has been sing on ivilins are funded with US money, now how about the tear gas weapon that nearly murdered a US citizen? the US needs to stop paing for israeli crimes. i’m jewish and i am ashamed of israel, no for the first time.

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