15 thoughts on “Gazans New Chickpea, Toilet Paper Bombs – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. RE: “It is totally surreal,” one European diplomat said of Israeli decision-making. “One day we had 600 kg of pasta at the Kerem Shalom crossing but they said, ‘Today, pasta can’t go in’.” Another Western diplomat said: “It’s ever-changing. One week jam is okay and the next week it’s not.”

    ME: Dare I say Kafkaesque?

  2. This is an ongoing game of domination, which they will never win, and only strengthen the resolve to go back all the way (to 1948).
    What can you do? No Sabra in our house (Strauss group is an outspoken sponsor of the IDF)

  3. Their goal is to absolutely crush every single Palestinian man, woman, child, and even unborn fetus. They know that causing malnutrition will weaken Gaza, they are starving these people, and yes, it is surreal. It’s pure evil. It’s inhuman.

  4. This isn’t Franz Kafka, this is Joseph Heller!

    At the beginning of Catch 22, the airmen in the hospital are given the task of censoring mail being sent by service personnel back home. Out of sheer boredom the airmen black out utterly banal content such as all the vowels. It’s hilarious. No doubt some officials in Israel are enjoying themselves greatly.

  5. Come on, you’re not being fair. You could carve the soap into a Y, pasta cooked to the right consistency ( you might need some practice to have just the right elasticity, if that is possible) and chickpeas. You got yourself a slingshot and projectiles. These could be dangerous, you could blind an IDF soldier.

    ….Sorry, couldn’t help it.


    The whole situation is sad. There’s no words to describe what is being done to the Gazan poeple. They were starved, then bombed and now I guess it’s the finishing touch.

  6. What I find puzzling in all of this is that Israel acts as if there is no such thing as ‘international goodwill’. Under Sarkozy, for instance, France has gradually improved its ties with Israel, that were largely severed by the De Gaulle administration.

    But I read that recently it had to withdraw a water installation that it had wanted to donate to the Gazans because Israel didn’t allow it in. Also, a French diplomatic convoy was stopped for six hours at the border between Gaza and Israel and, to make matters worse, was shot at by the IDF.

    Perhaps Israel relies so much on its hasbara spreaders outside the country that it believes it can afford these things. Perhaps too it believes thatr its ‘special relationship’ with the US makes goodwill from other international players superfluous. Or it believes, in view of the historical experience of the Jewish people, that goodwill is not worth having – because ultimately it will not protect them.

    Whatever is the case I believe that such goodwill as existed is steadily disappearing and that, as far as Europe is concerned, it is only a matter of time for the gap between popular sentiments and the official position of governments to be closed.

  7. On a serious note: the Israelis can block whatever they want because anything could be used as a weapon, just anything. Jam jars can be pretty effective, you know!

    They’re looking for nothing short of complete and unconditional surrender of the Palestinian People. Some rather naive, vaguely leftish Israeli Zionists assure us that at that point ‘Israel will make good’. A Palestinian State will then be in the making, no? No, I don’t think so and that’s what Hamas at least understand. Their struggle is quite futile of course, fighting the 4th largest army in the world (equipped with all the latest gadgetry even the British would be envious of) with Kalashnikovs, a few RPGs, some bottlerockets and the latest model of ‘very sharp Stones’ is a lose-win situation. But what do we expect them to do? Keel over and die, I guess…

  8. That’s just it though. People DO expect them to die. Zionists project their ugliness onto others. EVERYTHING. Human Shields? Read the garbage Witty spews on this blog and Phil’s about human shields.

    Then read the Human Rights Watch assessment of whether revolutionary militias like Hezbollah or Hamas use human shields. Read the US Army War College report on the 2006 Lebanon War.

    Kidnapping poor Israeli soldiers? Ask how many Palestinians are held in Israeli prisons. Ask how many of them are minors. Ask how many of them are held without paperwork or charges. Ask whether Israel legalized kidnapping. Ask whether Israelis characterized kidnapping as ‘bargaining chips’.

    Terrorism? Read the statistics of how many civilians Israel kills versus the Palestinian resistance. Read the statistics of how many civilians Israel kills in it’s wars – whether in Lebanon or the massacre in Gaza.

    In every single scenario, compare. Then ask what you want Hamas to do.

    Sanctimony kills. And the Zionists expect the Palestinians to die.

    1. Ask whether Israel legalized kidnapping. Ask whether Israelis characterized kidnapping as ‘bargaining chips’.

      That’s precisely right. Israel seems to believe that it’s entitled to adopt the noxious behavior of its enemies w/o receiving any opprobrium for doing so.

  9. Just wait until the arsenals of Gaza develop the Smart Stone… I really wanna see how the Apache copters will deal with that weapon… Stones of Mass Destruction.

  10. I just did an in depth posting on this matter. They are exposing their petty cruelties to the world. It is good the mother molesters are being outed. THE HELL WITH ISRAEL, OPEN THE SEAPORT OF GAZA!

    Much more serious however is their denial of water, and theft of water from the Palestinians. AND their putrefaction of every Palestinian well or water source possible. During the recent holocaust they dropped filth, dead animals, etc into family wells. And many settlements are making sure the water going to the farmers is tainted and unfit to drink.

    Jam is one thing, water another. These “people” are just the most insidious people. They DO NOT WANT PEACE. To them, the only good Palestinian is either dead or far away and they seem to stop at nothing to attain the goal that their g-d has promised them thousands and thousands of years ago.

    1. Hello,
      It was the 1st time I posted here- I am still in the dark as to how I have violated the “comment rules” please enlighten me.
      Yrs sincerely,

      1. I did not save a copy of yr original comment but I believe you likened Israel to the Nazis. If you read my comment rules linked in my sidebar you’ll find certain terms which I find incendiary & not helpful to sustain dialogue on the subject. That’s one of them. I’m perfectly happy to have you participate in the threads. But try to keep yr arguments within the framework I lay out in my rules & you’ll do fine.

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