9 thoughts on “Jewcy Dries Up – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Richard, glad you’re not part of that superficial crap anymore. You’re too smart for that junk. Good riddance to them.

  2. What is this obsession with David Abitbol? And how does badmouthing him whenever you get the chance fit into your so-called purpose of “Tikun Olam”?

    1. I didn’t realize that making the world a better place meant I couldn’t point out those who make the world a worse place. Tikun Olam doesn’t require that you never say anything critical about those who merit criticism.

      You must never have read the lies that he’s written about me because you’re so busy basking in his aura.

  3. Richard wrote:
    But right-wingers like Michael Steinhardt are never going to sink money into such a project since it runs counter to their political philosophy.

    Do you mean that “progressives” WOULD sink money into a project that “runs counter to their political philosophy”?

    1. I would think if Michael Steinhardt’s PRIMARY concern is Jewish continuity that he would create programs and websites that did that most successfully. Personally, I believe investing in the kind of site I described would be such an effective project. I would think he would be able to leave politics aside & consider what will work.

      However, if his primary interest is promoting continuity only for neocon Jews as I believe, then he would have no interest in my suggestion.

      If I could fund such a project I would be willing to include a variety of principled Jewish voices including those who represent views other than mine.

  4. Richard, I want to make sure you know that here at Jewschool we are still going strong with cutting-edge, introspective, counter-cultural blog pieces that have become the home for those “thousands of unaffiliated or outsider Jews who would embrace a true counter-culture enterprise.” I should note that we too were approached to merge with Jewcy, and approached it with apprehension. I invite everyone to check us out at http://www.jewschool.com.

    1. Yehudit: Yes, of course. I’ve always admired Jewschool & feature a link in my blogroll. I didn’t know you were approached by Jewcy. I guess I figured since you were a multi author blog they wouldn’t have approached you. Glad you also felt apprehension. Have you written about Jewcy’s possible demise at yr blog? Curious what other progressive folks have to say about it.

  5. Don’t know anything about Jewcy other than what was written above, but I’m glad it didn’t work out!

    You have a BLOG that is interesting, educational, at times funny…It would have been a petty to see it disappear and reappear on a different website where you were now more censored as to what you could or could not say. Where your readers/commentators were moderated by, possibly, someone other than yourself.

    Your website is too good to disappear into never, never land!

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