10 thoughts on “Obama Picks Israel Critic for Senior Intelligence Post – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. The great underreported story of 2009 is that the financial crisis is sharply eroding the power of the formerly “invincible” Israel lobby.

    Just as the rise in the lobby’s power since the early 1980s reflected the enormous wealth that accrued to Wall Street and banking honchos (many of them Jewish) — the unprecedented financial collapse of 2008-2009 has hit the lobby’s wealth and power like a kick in the teeth.

    Although far from “out” the lobby certainly is “down”.

  2. As I see it, there are mixed signals from Obama. Some honest brokers were appointed, but there have also been reports that the administration favors a “national unity” government in Israel, which will end up being a waste of four more years.

    The only real question is whether Obama understands that he will have to confront Israel on the Palestinian issue. Every president ended up doing it, so the sooner the better.

  3. I’ve been very skeptical of Obama all along, but if this guy is appointed then, along with Mitchell, I’ll start to have serious hopes that I’ve been wrong. Though in the end what matters is what policy Obama actually implements.

  4. These are good signs, but it remains to be seen if and when Obama will be ready to confront the Israeli government on the major issues – the settlements, Jerusalem etc. Recent history has showed that without direct pressure by the president there isn’t any progress, and Israel had a carte blanche from the WH for too long.

  5. If someone bothers to check facts the US banks and finances are
    controlled by Germanic people, not Jews.

    However Jews, Armenians, Lebanese,etc. are very successful in the money world as some kind of the servants to the Anglo-Saxon Germanic masters.

    We also must pay attention that 3 diverse Arab states already formed on the territory of the historic Palestine.
    Jews are also entitled to at least two states to accomodate their diversity in Palestine

    1. One little thing you overlooked…Dennis Ross is on Israel’s payroll as a paid consultant for the Jewish Agency for Israel. YOu see two can play this game. If Ross can have a high level State Dept. position, why can’t Freeman? Or is Israel’s money greener or purer than Saudi’s?

  6. Obama professes to be determined to save Israel. He appoints Samantha Power & Susan Rice to work on the mid-east situation. S.P. wrote an anti-Israel book. S.R. was let go from Kerry’s campaign because of her anti-Israel remarks. These are Obama’s advocate’s to determine Israel’s future?

    1. Arguably the only saving Israel needs is from itself, so in that sense “anti-Israel” can in fact be very much “pro-Israel”.
      Whatever happened to good ol’ dialectics?

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