7 thoughts on “Foxman, Klein: Tag-Team Apologists for Israeli Racism – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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    1. And how do you know this? Do you have private information from the Shin Bet or intelligence agencies? THey had ample time to prosecute him before he left the country & did not do so. THey probably could file charges against him even now though he is out of the country & do not do so. Alex, yr conjectures are not only unfounded, they’re lame.

      I only wish Israel’s political system was more like in the U.S. & there was an opportunity to haul the relevant spooks before a court of law or investigatory committee to uncover the shenanigans that went into this case. It reeks to high heaven.

      And your unnamed acquaintance is certainly not a credible source for anything other than his own opinion which by the time it reaches you is already 2nd hand.

  1. Forgive me if I am mistaken, but I feel Palestinians cannot win with Israel. Those in the West Bank and Gaza cannot venture beyond that hideous wall. And now, it would seem Palestinians living as “Israeli Arabs” inside Israel proper are scorned for venturing beyond Israeli borders.

    I find it utterly disheartening that the shining beacon of democracy, racial equality and human rights that is the Western world, is duplicitous in bank-rolling the epitome of a racist and human rights violating state that is Israel. It is the West’s unquestioning support that sustains Israel’s abusive policies towards the Palestinian people – how long will this support continue?

  2. Someone should remind Foxman how Israel and the US recalled their ambassadors to Austria after Jörg Haider’s FPÖ joined the ruling coalition in 2000. Haider ran on a xenophobic, anti-immigrants platform, while Lieberman targets people who’ve been Israeli citizens for far longer than he himself.

    Foxman is downright wrong when he claims Lieberman doesn’t want to punish those he considers disloyal – what else does he think the threat to remove their citizenship is?

    “Arabs have all their rights in Israel, but they have no right to Eretz Yisrael.”

    That’s of course revisionist Zionism in a nutshell, and not substantially different from other right-wingers, including what passes for the “centre” these days. Elsewhere Lieberman has made clear he’s a “two-stater” (or at least a one-and-a-half-stater, cf his proposed land swaps), so that relativises the “Eretz Yisrael” above.
    The crux (no pun intended) is that the phrase “Israel is a Jewish state” is meant prescriptive, not just descriptive (like “Bavaria is a Catholic state”, e.g.), and with that view Lieberman is by no means a maverick, on the contrary. He’s just less circumspect, less polite, or, as he might say, less hypocritical about it than many.

  3. Abe Foxman is a tool.

    So Arab Israeli MKs can’t meet with Hamas, even to condemn them?! And what’s with Arabs having rights to Israel but not E”Y? Does that mean they have full rights in the Negev, Eilat, and Haifa?

  4. I just wanted to analyze a little bit of what you said.

    “Abraham Foxman…noted with concern the trips by Arab Israeli Knesset members to enemy states and expressions of solidarity with Hamas by Israeli Arabs during Israel’s recent military operation in the Gaza Strip.”

    You then went on to say

    ‘This notion that Israeli Arabs are traitors to Israel because they visit Syria or Lebanon is ridiculous.’

    The reason he calls them traitors is because these “members” of Israeli society are expressing solidarity with a terrorist group devoted to destroying Israel. Thats not traitorous? Are you saying that Al Qaeda members in the US who plan on blowing up plans shouldn’t be considered traitors.

    Just listen to what you say please, and realize that you are encouraging the violence to continue by letting terrorists think they are accomplishing their evil goals.

    1. Stuff & nonsense. I always enjoy you right wing moralists for whom the issues are so cut & dried. First, Israeli Palestinian citizens are just that. They are not “members” of Israeli citizens in quotes. They are citizens, period. Second, they are Arab by ethnicity as are Lebanese or Syrians & often have family ties to these countries. They have every right to visit them. And btw, Israeli Jews have visited these countries w/o being prosecuted. Can you tell me where Abe Foxman has ever complained about their travel plans? Third, Israeli Palestinian citizens largely opposed the Lebanon war & saw it as a war of aggression against Lebanon (though Hezbollah’s attack on Israel which initiated the war was inexcusable). Hezbollah defended Lebanon in their view. YOu & I may not like Hezbollah. But meeting with Hezbollah should no more be criminalized than meeting with Fatah should be penalized (recall that it was illegal for Israelis to meet w. the PLO for many yrs.)

      Taliban and Iraqi resisters are killing U.S. soldiers. Are U.S. diplomats or soldiers who might meet with these forces in the interest of tamping down violence or figuring a more peaceful way forward traitors? The logic of yr argument is preposterous.

      I would tell you to listen what you say but it’s prob. a hopeless proposition so I won’t even try.

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