3 thoughts on “Obama Prepared to Talk to Hamas – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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    1. Gee. I didn’t know that FOX News was now the arbiter of what Obama’s Middle East policy would be. Sure, Obama has said lots of things during the campaign. But now he’s governing & it’s common for politicians once elected to have their paths diverge fr. campaign rhetoric. And in this case, thank God if that’s the case because his campaign rhetoric about Hamas was woefully unrealistic, though it did please Aipac, which was the purpose I suppose.

  1. Well I’ve been saying that Obama will do this. As far as this goes, “First, let’s not overstate things. He’s not recognizing Hamas. He’s not renouncing Israel. He’s merely establishing initial low to mid-level contacts to determine whether Hamas is a party with which it can engage more seriously down the line possibly leading to full-fledged peace negotiations (if Hamas is still running Gaza and/or the PA), Obama is going about this the right way in view of what you said here “In fact, memos and phone calls are probably flying as a type this. Watch for denunciations and warnings from the likes of Aipac and the Conference of Presidents. Israeli politicians will warn how dangerous such a policy change will be and how it will only encourage more terrorism. There will be blowback. I just hope it doesn’t derail these hopeful developments.” However the majority of American Jews above all want peace and don’t go down the line with AIPAC. As mentioned here before, Obama has met with Jewish peace organizations such as Brit Tzedek V’Shalom.

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