5 thoughts on “Tom Friedman Wins Journalism Award, Lamest Paragraph Written About Gaza – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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    1. Oh, Lord. You’re defending an Israeli leftist. THis is a red letter day. To hear a pro Israel advocate say nice things about Grossman is heartwarming. Unfortunately, I’ve written far more positive things about Grossman than you ever have. Which is why I’m entitled to criticize him as well. I don’t have to see my sons die for Israel in order to gain the right to criticize Israeli policy or individual Israelis. I utterly reject yr terms.

  1. Anyone who can’t see the similarity between the Third Reich of Nazi Germany’s policies towards Jewish children of Europe in the 1930’s and 1940’s and the policies of the Government of Israel towards Palestinian children today just aren’t allowing themselves to see the truth of the situation.

    Palestinian children do not deserve what Israel is doing
    to them. Shame on Israel. Shame on the USA Government
    giving Israel the weapons to accomplish this massacre.

    And; for those who can’t support Palestinian children,
    remember what happened to Michael Vick because of how he treated his dogs. Open your eyes; look at the war
    Israel has declared on the obviously innocent animals,
    dogs, cats, horses, donkeys etc of Palestine.

    Why does the USA support killing innocent Palestinian
    animals and put Michael Vick in prison?


  2. My grandfather was with 2 AIF in Gaza in WW11 where the Australian army was based. The Australian light horse was base in Palestine for WW1 and the brilliant Gazans have kept a war grave tended for Australia for 65 years now.

    Imagine my horror when I discover that three leading hasbara merchants are Benjamin Rutland, Mark Regev and Guy Spilgelman who are all Australians justifying the massacre of people who helped Australia in two world wars.

    Not to mention the absolute horror of what is being inflicted on the Palestinians in the name of a massive lie.

    Hamas kept the peace for many months and this report shows it.


    16. Networks belonging to Fatah/Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades were the most prominent and
    central in violating the lull arrangement. Their motivation was the desire to show themselves
    as the standard bearers of the “resistance” (i.e., terrorism) and to send a message of
    defiance to Hamas, their rivals, even though Fatah in Judea and Samaria renounced the
    attacks.5 In certain instances the Palestinian Islamic Jihad or other organizations fired
    rockets. In most instances they did not publicly claim responsibility. Such attacks were
    motivated by deep internal Palestinian rivalries, especially between Fatah and Hamas, and not
    responses to “violations” on the part of Israel.
    17. During the first period Hamas was careful to maintain the ceasefire and its operatives
    were not involved in rocket attacks. At the same time, the movement tried to enforce the
    terms of the arrangement on the other terrorist organizations and to prevent them from
    violating it. Hamas took a number of steps against networks which violated the arrangement,
    but in a limited fashion and contenting itself with short-term detentions and confiscating
    weapons. For example, a number of times Hamas’s security services detained Fatah/Al-Aqsa
    Martyrs Brigades operatives, including Abu Qusai, an Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades spokesman,
    who claimed responsibility for rocket fire (June 29). Detained operatives were released after a
    short interrogation and no real measures were taken against them. However, it was clear that
    throughout the first period Hamas sought to avoid direct confrontations with the rogue
    organizations (especially the PIJ) insofar as was possible, lest it be accused of collaborating
    with Israel and harming the “resistance.” Hamas therefore focused on using politics to
    convince the organizations to maintain the lull arrangement and on seeking support for it
    within Gazan public opinion (including issuing statements by its activists regarding the lull’s

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