7 thoughts on “Madoff and Merkin: Self-Dealing in Jewish Non-Profit World – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Richard talks about suing Merkin and perhaps Madoff, but I am surprised that Merkin, Walter Noel, and Robert Jaffe, Philip Toub et al. are not already in jail for conspiracy to commit fraud. If finance law is not sufficient, the anti-terrorism laws with a slight broadening to include economic terrorism are more than sufficient.

    I have two blog entries on Madoff, and I need to add another on an important historical antecedent. With the qualification that Richard will probably disagree strongly with some of my comments and perhaps my, I am putting links here because the former references the historical Yiddish lore of the finance industry and the latter points out the problem of Jewish social networks that promote clowns, crooks and incompetents:
    Every Israel Advocate a Madoff
    Gladwell Supports Hegemonic Zionist Discourse

  2. Richard: In the article “Bernie Burned Jews” you state that you worked for 17 years as a fund raiser. Here you say it is 18! Adding one for chai? Happy holidays!

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