6 thoughts on “77% of Jews Voted for Obama; Take That, RJC! – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I agree. Sheldon Adelson (third richest man in America) is not going away. The RJC and its alternate incarnation Freedoms Watch will continue to push right wing causes on behalf of the Republican Party.

  2. you know that mocking the dead is not permitted. RJC is dead, although someone may prop them up again next time for yet another sequel to weekend at bernie’s… they are dead and we should not mock them, we should move on to deal with the exciting chapter that is at hand

  3. Richard, the Forward has always taken ads they disagree with. Always. I can give you examples going back to the 20s. Part of what makes the Forward such as badass newspaper is that they have always had such a policy. I have to disagree with you on this one, sir.

    Keep in min, the Forward has no problem ripping them a new one editorially condemning their ads, even as they accepted their ads.

    That’s a great newspaper, Richard. Seriously.

  4. @DK: I’m not troubled that they took an ad that they disagreed with. I’m troubled that they took an ad that was full of lies from A to Z. That’s a different standard. Media publications refuse ads on a fairly regular basis for various reasons. And as I mentioned FOX News rejected a pro McCain ad because it lied about Obama. Yet The Forward claims it doesn’t have the expertise to judge whether political ads are truthful or lies. I think it’s a pathetic avoidance of their journalistic responsibility. Besides, their coverage of the overall issue of the RJC ads was rather anemic as well. THey could have made up for their accepting the ads if they’d redeemed themselves through news coverage. But they didn’t. One news article & one column by Mel Levine did not cover the issue sufficiently to my mind.

    As for being a “great” newspaper, it’s a good newspaper that could be better.

  5. @DK: That’s essentially an generic search through the Forward’s archives for any article that mentions the RJC. I don’t claim they never covered the RJC (which they have).

    As I mentioned, I’m aware of a single news article & a single column that specifically dealt with the RJC’s scandalous anti-Obama smear ad campaign. That’s what I was referring to–not ALL Forward coverage of the RJC.

    And as I wrote, I offered to write a column of my own about the smear ads but Jane Eisner told me to write it on spec & then allow it to be considered for publication by the features editor. I don’t like to write on spec for obvious reasons, especially for a publication which rejects 99.8% of anything I submit to them.

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