12 thoughts on “Settlers: Obama as Brown Shirt – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Interestingly Oct 24 was the Israeli commemoration of the death of former Israeli prime minister Yitzhak Rabin.
    Recall that the exact same propaganda was used to create the hate-filled climate in which the assassination of Rabin took place. Right down to creating posters with Rabin’s face on a Nazi.

    I hope Obama’s security detail is very vigilant.

  2. “Kumah: Neo-Zionist Uberblog (whatever that means)?”

    Kuma comes from the verb to arise or rise up (Richard I thought you knew Hebrew). Neo-Zionist its like Neo-Con but Zionist instead of Con. Uberblog means super-blog (I thought you were a germano-phile as well)!

  3. So let me get this straight: you are attributing this graphic to 400,000 settlers based on a pro-settler blog? Isn’t that itself a form of hate against them? Don’t you slam Obsession and Third Jihad for the same reasons?

  4. @Devil’s Advocate: Of course I know what kumah means. Don’t be a dolt. That’s not what I was referring to. I was referring to “Uberblog.” Very strange to use a vaguely German coinage in such a context I thought.

  5. @Yoni: Oh puh-leeze. I’m merely displaying their own incitement for all the world to see. I didn’t put up the graphic. If you or they are afraid that as a result of this graphic people will hate settlers then they shouldn’t have posted it. They did. So they pay the price.

    I never said Kumah represents all 400,000 settlers. But it IS a multi author blog by Israeli-Americans who include a prominent media journalist. This is a political hate statement which does represent the sentiments of a significant number of settlers, though by no means all.

  6. “I’m merely displaying their own incitement for all the world to see.”

    Isn’t this exactly what Obsession and Third Jihad do? Isn’t this exactly what scholars like Daniel Pipes write about? And when it comes to Islamism there is much more material to work with, spanning the globe and millions of people. Yet you call all these people rabid Muslim haters and racists.

  7. @Yoni: Once again, I have not said that Kuman represents all settlers. In fact, I even called the site representative of the “settler right.”

    Clarion Fund, Pipes, et al make the mistake of finding a few disturbing incidents & extrapolating fr. these incidents as if they represent the whole. Besides, the films you mention & Pipes are full of outright lies & distortions so severe as to do damage to truth & fact. I, on the other hand, have not exagerrated the views of those who blog at Kumah. I merely quote them.

  8. In fact one of the main government controlled newspapers in Egypt portrayed Shimon Peres as Hitler, at the height of the Oslo Accords no less. But if I were to point that out, or Obsession or Pipes, as an example of the hatred that exists in the Arab world, that makes us Islamophobes and racists I presume (and remember this is a freakin government controlled newspaper not just some guy’s blog)

  9. @Yoni: Why don’t you also point out that Israeli rightists paraded with placards picturing Rabin in Nazi regalia before they offed him, just as the settler website pictured Obama in a Brown Shirt uniform. But that type of Jewish hate doesn’t bother you does it? Because you’re guilty of it yrself when you declared here that any Israeli PM who shares Jerusalem should be hung? Aren’t you?

  10. @Yoni: Oh, you mean you’re expecting us to trust the claims of Abe Rosenthal, a NYT editor who admitted he saw himself as a mouthpiece for Israeli hasbara as part of his editorial job, quoting arch right-winger Natan Sharansky on this subject???

    Avishai Raviv didn’t kill Rabin. Yigal Amir did. Or are you claiming Amir was a government agent as well?

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