10 thoughts on “Justin White: Jew as Anti-Semite – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I’ve had the displeasure of knowing this man, Tzadok. He knows me as Baruch.

    Tell me, Tzadok (Sadducee), did you have any idea that R’ J.M. is half “Germanic-Hebrew”? You owe the Ashkenazim (that which you have so much contempt for, apparently) so much more than you realize.

    Does R’ J.M. know how much hate you’re spreading here? Does R’ H.K. know about your willingness to embarrass your fellow Jew? If they had ANY idea you were spouting this garbage, they’d be shocked and ashamed through and through. Hell, even R.L. would tell you to “cool down, man.”

    Maybe if you moved physically out of podunk Judenrein (OMGGASPGERMAN) Virginia, or mentally out of the Pennsyltucky of your background, and instead moved closer to the Jewish community where Klal Yisrael resides, you’ll probably see that Jews aren’t the narrow stripe that you idealize them to be. Hell, not even your favorite stop near the Nation’s Capital has that kind of “Orthodoxie uber alles” (there I go again with the Germanic thing) hashkafa!

    Alternatively, if you’re already in Israel, get out of the enclaves of J’lem and West Bank settlements, and explore the Holy Land for all it has to offer.

    Until then, for your proliferation of Sinat Hinam and public embarassment of your fellow Jew, you have clearly lost your Helek in the World to Come. I can only hope that HaRachaman can look favorably upon you in this coming Yom haKippurim in light of this.

  2. And WTF does “post-Semitic” mean? Did you just make that up out of thin air?! Even when Jews don’t practice their religion, their identity is still distinctly Semitic. Again, do you have ANY idea what you’re spewing here?!

    Also, the JTS DOES believe in Divine origin of Torah. Where are your sources stating the contrary?

  3. Sadok was actually was the High Priest who anointed David and Solomon. Seems to me this guy “Baruch” doesn’t know a lot about Judaism. He is either an am ha-aretz or had a phony conversion (or both). Anyhow, I have lived in every major city in Israel-how about you “Baruch?”

  4. I am entitled to invent what I want. I just went to a lecture in Jerusalem by a Rabbi Marcus who said that the “conservative movement” has drifted away from this. I had the lecture recorded. Apparently, you don’t know your own people. Another Orthodox Rabbi confirmed this 10 years ago when he saw a conversion certificate from someone who came to his yeshiva.

  5. Mussur is not “spewing hate.” (You shall not hate your brother in your heart; you shall reason with your neighbor, and not allow sin on his account.) Mocking the holiest city in Israel and the surrounding “Biblical” areas constitutes spewing hate, especially when Jews are being murdered here. Am I being lectured by a child?

  6. @Justin: You think that saying that Jerusalem should be shared with the Palestinians is “mocking” it?? That perfectly illustrates the bankruptcy of the extremist nationalist-settler ideology. This is incredibly racist though I know that doesn’t bother you in the least. The idea that sharing Jerusalem with the heathen, unwashed Muslims “constitutes spewing hate”–that, to me would guarantee Israel’s ultimate destruction were these views ever to prevail in a debate about the nation’s future.

    I am not a child. I am the voice of reason & pragmatism. Yours is the voice of the lunatic fringe that would take Israel down the road to ruin.

  7. @Justin:

    I am entitled to invent what I want.

    Is that what you said to your professors in the Hebrew U. physics department when you tried to justify your research? It doesn’t work well in religion either.

  8. Richard:
    “Is that what you said to your professors in the Hebrew U. physics department when you tried to justify your research? It doesn’t work well in religion either.”

    What is your obsession with physics? Life didn’t work out for you and you are stuck with this blog? I meant that if I want to say “post-Semitic” than I will. The entire leftist ideology is based upon inventing new terms like “secular Jew.” You are a hypocrite in saying I cannot have my own vernacular. Your comments just expose your own jealousy. Jealously is forbidden (10 Commandments). Again, as I said above, you need a yeshiva (Jewish) education.

  9. @Justin:

    you need a yeshiva (Jewish) education.

    Like I need a hole in the head. And btw, I HAVE a Jewish education. In fact, I’ve shown that your own Jewish education has holes big enough to drive a Mack truck through. You have an Orthodox Jewish education. Only chutzpanim like you believe there is only one acceptable form of Jewish education.

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