12 thoughts on “Endowment for Middle East Truth Funds Massive ‘Obsession’ DVD Distribution – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Having Malcolm Hoenlein gather together 100,000 Jews baying for Iranian blood would’ve “led to real tikun olam.” …do you support Iran obtaining nuclear weapons? If you were invited, would you have dinner with Ahmadinejad? If you were granted an audience with Ahmadinejad, what would you tell him

  2. @Acai Berri: This is the 3rd time you’ve published the same comment in different threads. You are abusing yr comment privilege. Don’t do this again. If you do your comment will be deleted and all future comments will be moderated before publishing.

    My answer is that having anyone (whether its an American Jew or Iranian president) baying for the blood of another country does not by definition lead to tikun olam. I do not support Iran gaining nuclear weapons but I am not willing to go to war to prevent it from happening. Negotiations are the only path that might fend off Iran’s development of a nuclear weapon. Why would I or anyone want to have dinner with Iran’s president?

  3. I posed this question 3 x because I wanted an answer. What should be done if negotiations/sanctions fail to stop Iran from gaining nuclear weapons?

  4. Im still waiting for an answer to my earlier question in this thread. Also, why not have dinner with Ahmadinejad-even you would have to admit that he is the most dynamic world leader on todays stage, although by far not the most attractive.

  5. @Acai Berri: I repeat. If you do not get an answer to a question it is because neither I nor any other reader wishes to reply. I for one have no idea what question you’re referring to nor do I care. So get off this. Ask a question one time & wait for a reply. If none comes, accept it.

    I’ll now be moderating yr comments to ensure that you’ve understood what I’ve said. If you do, then yr comment will be published as soon as I receive them. You’ll be removed fr. moderation as soon as I’m confident that you respect my request.

    Why would I admit that Adhadinejad is “the most dynamic world leader on today’s stage?” He’s a hack just as much as Dick CHeney is. In fact, I’d like to lock both of them in a room & tell them only one will come out alive. Let ’em tear ea. other to shreds.

  6. @amir: And you DO support Iran gaining nuclear weapons?

    I don’t support Iran having nuclear weapons for the same reason I’d prefer that Israel not have them either. I’d prefer no nation have them. And ones that don’t yet have them I’d prefer not to get them.

  7. No, I don’t support Iran getting nuclear weapons. I think Israel needs to be militarily stronger than all it’s enemies and potential enemies combined. You say that you prefer that Israel or any other nation in the world not have nukes, BUT they do. Under the circumstances that Israel has nukes and has threatened Iran, that the US has nukes and has troops occupying Iran’s neighbor to the east and west (Afghanistan and Iraq) do YOU think that other nation have a moral right in preventing Iran from getting nuclear weapons. If you think they do I wish to know why. I’m asking you because I’m trying to understand the position of a progressive zionist. A position I have a hard time understanding.

  8. @amir: The reason why Iran wants nuclear weapons is because it has dangerous neighbors who have attacked it in the past, besides the U.S. which is a formidable enemy. The way deterrence works you can’t say I want to be stronger than my enemy. Your enemy will always try (& eventually succeed) in gaining parity w. you. If they can’t build a nuclear weapon to match yours, they’ll try to match you in other ways. That is why Iran is supporting Hezbollah & Hamas. It needs a way to even the playing field. So Israel’s conviction that it can win an arms race is a delusion. It may win in the short term but it cannot win in the long term.

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